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Posted: Sunday 4 August, 2013 at 4:02 PM

Très San Âge…Spa experience with a big difference!

Owner of Très San Âge Heather Pringle-Jacobs at work!
By: Precious Mills,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – SPA industry is growing in the Federation and the most recent one to be established is called Très San Âge, which officially opened its College Housing Project, Basseterre doors to customers on Friday, July 19, 2013.


    In a recent interview with SKNVibes, owner of the establishment, Heather Pringle-Jacobs revealed that Très San Âge, which is French, speaks to “that ageless beauty. No matter what age you are, once you take care of yourself eventually you'll look ageless”.

    Heather holds a diploma in Aesthetics and a certificate in Medical Aesthetics from the International Career College in Barbados.

    She outlined that the spa is results-oriented and among its exceptional services have introduced tattoo removal as well as permanent laser hair removal to the St. Kitts-Nevis market.

    “Très San Âge is a new venture in the spa industry. It's not just spa for's a spa with results-oriented services where we have skincare, nail-care and massages. I'm also introducing cutting edge laser treatments such as permanent hair removal as well as tattoo removal. There are other laser services that we'll introduce, but not at this time.” 

    “We're also going to be doing more advanced skin treatment such a microdermabrasions and chemical peels. These are all different ways of caring for your skin at a more advance level than a general facial”, she added.

    Heather has been working in the retail industry for some 14 years and, although it was not something she really wanted to do, she had an initial mindset to choose a career that involved “taking care of the body, specifically in the skincare industry.

    “So after I left the retail industry, I decided that it was my time now to do what I really wanted to do, which is a job that I would wake up to every morning and be happy to do. So, I decided to go and get myself trained in general aesthetics, which involves waxing, massaging, skincare, nail-care and a little bit of make-up. And because I know that things change, one has to keep abreast of technology. I did a certificate course in Medical Aesthetics and that is where I was trained in laser hair removal as well as tattoo removal, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.”

    She advises that people with common skincare issues should be aware that there are other choices. 

    “You don't have to live with some of the problems that you're facing like acne scars and unhealthy nails. Those things can be dealt with and treated.”

    Customers could also expect free consultation on the suitable treatments for taking care of their skin and nails.

    Heather revealed that her personal interest in nail-care stemmed from a family history of diabetes.

    “My family is diabetic! That is the reason why I took up nail-care, because I know how important it is. That is why so I'm passionate about nail-care, especially for the feet.”

    Très San Âge aims to give you a warm and relaxing atmosphere. “I’m not only here to do the service but also to give tips on how to maintain healthy skin and nails.”

    Additionally, while speaking about the hygienic features of the spa, Heather showed this media house her pedicure station which features disposable items, such as the lining in pedicure tub as well as disposable nail files and towels. 

    “We use a state-of-the-art UV Steriliser for our tools. It is important to have a clean and safe working environment.”

    Asked which is more in demand between permanent hair removal and tattoo removal, Heather said the latter has been getting more attention from men especially. She however admitted that at first she was not certain as to whether or not she should invest money in a tattoo removal machine. 

    “Surprisingly, tattoo removal has been getting the most attention. I'm also surprised that so many persons are interested in having their tattoos removed.  There are ladies who have facial hair, so I have received a few inquiries from persons about permanent laser hair removal as well.”

    SKNVibes was also shown the pimple treatment machine which she dubbed her “Magic Wand”.

    “If you have a pimple and you have a hot date you can 'spark' it and go”, she said with a smile.

    Everyone who visits Très San Âge, including walk-ins, can receive a free face mapping and advice on a recommended skin treatment to aid their skincare issues and concerns.

    “Even if you don't come in for a facial, we can still give you a free face mapping based on dermalogical standard sheet, which highlights the problematic zones on your face and recommend the necessary dermalogical skincare treatments.”

    Notably, ‘Tres San Âge has partnered with Dermalogica, which is globally recognised as the number one skincare line and has its Caribbean branch in the Bahamas.

    Customers who are treated with any of Dermalogica products can also purchase them from the spa to continue their skin treatment at home. 
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