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Posted: Monday 20 September, 2010 at 9:49 AM

Bio of Miss Deslyn Richards, contestant in first ever Teacher's Pageant

Deslyn Richards
Press Release
    “In the orchard of life it is better to pick the fruit than wait for it to fall”. These are the words which supports her philosophy of life.

    Born on the 15th Day of August, the first female offspring from the marital union between Clement and Estella Richards was a Leo Gem. Now an attractive, vibrant, self-motivated and determined young lady, comfort has been relished as she experienced mothering two sons and all children she teaches. 


    Being born between two generations – old school and modern, she is ably poised to assist in building confidence in students and persons in her company. Apart from being a realistic optimist and bubbling over with the love of live, G. Deslyn Richards marvels in the joy of being a woman, who has known marriage, childbearing, teaching and a taste of Caribbean cultures. Ever, she aspires, plan and purposefully prepares to reap academic, profession and financial success, freedom.


    My primary education began at the Charlestown Girls School and continued at the Newtown Primary School, now Tucker-Clarke Primary. Upon completion of this phase, I graduated to the Cayon High and obtained eight (8) CXC subjects after five (5) years of secondary schooling. 


    My academic education was extended at the Sixth Form of the CFB College, housed at Basseterre High School then. My professional career as an educator began just over fifteen (15) years ago at the Estridge Primary School, under the leader ship of Mrs. Althea O’Farrell. (Thanks to Mrs. Caren Williams, Mrs. Gwendolyn Petty, Ms. Monica McCall and Ms. Kimona Browne). 


    Teacher training was pursued after working there for five terms. Ms. Richards has worked with several head teachers and staffs, while spearheading numerous projects which included being Sports Coach, a role I enjoyed immensely.   My ultimate goal as an educator is to consistently expose students to the thought processes of the financially free, while pursuing their academic and professional education.


    I remember these words often, even while nurturing my sons “the heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night”.  Reminiscing on these words has motivated me to become very involved in many community groups and events. To continue building character, I have surrounded myself with skilled persons participating in a variety of life’s faucets. 


    I was a member of my primary school’s netball team, the Basseterre High School Debating Society and Teen Challenge Club, just to name a few. Presently, I am serving the St. Kitts Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd, The St. Kitts Teachers’ Union, St. Kitts Basseterre LIONS Club, Poinciana Theatre Production Company, GEF SGP and Caribbean Healthy Lifestyle Project - Club SugarCity. I now serve civil society through the Visual Arts Unit of the Ministry of Education.


    It is with great pleasure that Ms. G. Deslyn Richards highlights MUSIC as her platform for this Miss SKTU 2010 Pageant on Friday, 8th October at 8:00pm, Carnival Village, Basseterre. Having done primary research through one on one interviews, in addition to internet and encyclopaedia reviews, I am satisfied that MUSIC is a worthwhile avenue to unite our people and extend or improve learning for the genius, average or academically challenged student – learners at all levels, of any age. 


    MUSIC may be used to teach difficult concepts, reinforce others, extract what a learner has or enrich a teacher’s working environment and results. We are all born rich and bright and MUSIC can magnify that genius.  


    Remember, “In times of change learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”.

    Thank you for supporting us as we continue to honour teachers. Your purchase of tickets to this prestigious Inaugural Queen Pageant is witness that you value us, you value teachers’ worth.


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