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Department of Environment
 Landscape Architect Date Posted: May-15-2019 
Company Department of Environment
Address Ursula Amory Building, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Deadline May 31st, 2019
Category Architecture
 Job Description

    The Department of Environment invites interested and qualified persons to submit proposals for the Landscape Architect Consultancy

    Please be guided by the below terms of reference. 


    Proposals should be accompanied by Curriculum Vitae and must be submitted on or before 31st May 2019 to the below contact:


    Electronical Proposals should be sent to: Email:


    Hardcopy Proposals should be sent to:  


    Conserving Biodiversity Project

    Department of Environment

    Ursula Amory Building

    Corner Central and New Street

    Basseterre, St. Kitts

    Tel: 869-466-8535


    Landscape Architect Royal Basseterre Valley National Park


    Project Title:                         Conserving Biodiversity and reducing habitat degradation in Protected Areas and their areas of influence


    Duration of assignment:      5 Months


    Estimated Start Date:           10th June 2019


    Contract Type:                       The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis Professional Services Contract


    Location:                                St. Kitts and Nevis


    Implementing Partner:          Department of Environment - Ministry of Agriculture et al



    The Basseterre Valley Aquifer was declared a National Park in April 2011 for the protection of our vital water source. Then in March 2012 it was renamed, the Royal Basseterre Valley National Park by the Royal Highnesses Prince Edward and Princess Sophie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex unveiled a plaque and planted a tree to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Basseterre Valley National Park (RBVNP) is managed by the Department of Environment in collaboration with the Water Services Department with the primary goal of protecting the most important aquifer on St. Kitts (which supplies the drinking water for the greater Basseterre area).

    The Conserving Biodiversity project is supporting the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis to improve its ecosystem representation in its system of protected areas system through the establishment and management of new and existing protected/conservation areas, development of sustainable site-based financing mechanisms and the establishment and strengthening of protected/conservation areas management operations at key sites. For the effective support for conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems of national, regional and global significance, there is a need for appropriate and adequate data and plans to inform decision-making. As such, one of the significant outputs of the project is updating the management plan with consultations from major stakeholders including the Terrestrial Park Rangers who recently began working in collaboration with the St. Kitts Water Services Department to reduce littering and dumping at the site. Presently the St. Kitts Water Services Department is carrying out activities that focus primarily on the effective management of the site’s underground aquifer. 

    The Royal Basseterre Valley National Park is 494 acres or 200 hectares and comprises of vegetated land with an average elevation of 240 meters to over 610 meters. It is designated in the IUCN protected areas categories as Category I for most of the site and Category VII for part of the area identified for a botanic garden in the Draft National Conservation and Environment Management Bill. 

    This consultancy will review, update and present a spatial plan for the Royal Basseterre Valley National Park. (Since the site was established primarily for the protection of the aquifer that supplies the capital city of Basseterre with majority of its drinking water, it is important to start taking a more measured approach to its management.) 

    Task 1. 
    Conduct desk review to identify gaps and data for recreation and conservation purposes, with specific focus on providing maximum community benefit while maintaining resource conservation and aquifer health.

    Task 2. 
    Collect data through extensive stakeholder engagement to gain input and build consensus on the content of the proposed plan to present a long-term plan for public recreation activities, opportunities and access while maintaining resource conservation objectives and aquifer health, noting the various existing and planned uses.

    Task 3.
    Prepare the Royal Basseterre Valley National Park spatial and planting plans, with detailed maps, incorporating all stakeholder inputs, to ensure that the spatial plan will address changing recreation needs over time. The spatial plan should include clear phasing for recreation and development, maintaining consistency of concept throughout. The planting plan should be based on natural species and maintaining consistency with the requirements of The Water Services Department and the Department of Environment.

    As part of the plans, a natural, planting, recreation and related use dataset should be developed for all existing and proposed uses (in print and GIS shape files). A copy of all printed and GIS files must be provided to the Department of Environment as part of the final deliverable.

    Task 4. 
    Present the Final Report on the consultancy with the finalized spatial plan, and an assessment of tasks performed and recommendations.



    Due Date


    1.      Inception report with methodology, approach and action plan to conduct stakeholder engagement detailing the potential stakeholders.

    2 weeks after contracting


    2.      Task 1

    A report on the findings of the desk review highlighting gaps in the current plan for recreation and conservation purposes, initial recommendations for improvement of the plan indicating the inputs required for task 2.



    4 weeks after contracting




    3.      Task 2

    A summary report based on inputs from the stakeholder engagements, highlighting recurring themes, challenges, opportunities.

    6 weeks after contracting



    4.      Task 3

    Incorporating the stakeholders input, prepare Royal Basseterre Spatial Plan and Planting Plan, with detailed printed and GIS maps that will outline how the spatial plan meets the long-term demand and need for public recreation activities, opportunities and access while maintaining aquifer health

    12 weeks after contracting


    5.      Task 4.

    6. Final Report on the consultancy with assessment of tasks performed and recommendations.

    16 weeks after contracting



    Qualifications and Experience


    Academic qualifications

    A university degree related to natural resource management or protected areas, Landscape Architecture, or Urban and Regional Planning;


    ·        A minimum of 10 years working experience in developing landscape and spatial plans, citing most recent cases;

    ·        Demonstrable skills for conducting stakeholders’ engagement at the community and national level where government, NGOs, community-based organizations (CBOs) and non-affiliated community members contribute to decision making in development planning;

    ·        Evidence of gender inclusiveness in research methodology is required;

    ·        Demonstrated experience in developing reports and maps for spatial and planting plans;

    ·        Experience in similar assignments in the context of Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), preferably in the Caribbean; and

    ·        Prior experience with UNDP and/or GEF projects would be an asset.


    ·        Strong technical report writing, data acquisition and analysis skills;

    ·        Strong verbal and written communication skills;

    ·        Timely delivery of high quality analytical work;

    ·        High proficiency with Arc GIS, QGIS, or equivalent, and

    ·        Fluency in spoken and written English


    The successful proponent will report to the Project Director, Department of Environment, Third Floor, Ursula Amory Building, Corner of Central and New Street, Basseterre St. Kitts. Deliverables become final once all tasks requirements are completed and approval is granted by the Project Director.
 Contact Information
Company Department of Environment
Address Ursula Amory Building, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Phone 1-869-466-8535

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