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St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited
 National Bank - Bid Request Proposal Date Posted: Jun-20-2022 
Company St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited
Deadline Jul 8th, 2022
Category Construction and Installation
 Job Description

    Section 1     Overview


    St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd. (SKNANB) has been serving the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis for over 50 years and has become a leader in the financial industry in the region.


    SKNAB Headquarters is located on West Square and Central Street Basseterre, St. Kitts with Branches in St. Kitts, and Nevis - Pelican Mall, Basseterre, Sandy Point and Charlestown, Nevis. SKNANB strategic planning calls for the reopening of a Branch in the Saddlers area and the expansion of certain functions currently performed at the Headquarters


    SKNANB has procured two acres land from the White Gate Development Corp. at Lavington, which is available for the purposes outlined above.


    Section 2     Purpose


    To hire a licensed architect or engineer (“Design Professional) to design, bid and oversee the installation through construction and final acceptance of the construction project.


    SKNANB desires to have the best design and technical assistance to advise the management team of the Bank regarding design and technical information that may be required to make decisions regarding the project.  Appropriate personnel of the Bank will be designated to oversee the work of the Design Professional.


    The general role of the Design Professional will be to represent the interest of SKNANB including cost management issues, scheduling, construction quality control and close out warrant issues.


    The Design Professional shall communicate directly with the Bank through the designated representatives and any additional consultants or professionals that are hired for the project.


    Section 3     Concept and Design


    The Design Professional shall provide conceptual/schematic plans for a building with a Basement and 2 floors for the proposed purposes as outlined below:


    1.  Bank Branch to accommodate 30 customers, 3 Tellers and 2 Back-Office Officers and a Drive Thru Branch.
    2.  IT Center with back up services for other entities.
    3. Security and Video Surveillance Monitoring Center.
    4. Call Center to be manned 24 hours daily.
    5. Space for future expansion.
    6. Records management and archiving space.
    7. Adequate parking for staff and customers.


    Section 4     Key Qualifications


    Following are the key qualifications that proposing firms must meet to be considered for the project.


    1. Possess the requisite qualifications related to the profession.


    1. Minimum of five (5) years’ experience with design and construction projects.


    1. Demonstrated experience in project review and approval process with the Development Control and Planning Board.


    1. Excellent communication skills.


    Section 5    Evaluation Criteria


    The following specific criteria will be evaluated and must be addressed in the proposal:


    1. Company History and Organization
    2. Design Concept
    3. Project Approach
    4. Licensing
    5. Cost Proposal
    6. References




    Company History and Organization


    Project Approach


    Design Concept


    Cost proposal







    SKNANB is not obligated to accept the lowest bid and reserves the right to reject any bids, re-bid this project or negotiate with one or more contractors. All bidders must be duly licensed or otherwise can perform work in accordance with all governing regulation.


    Section 6     Submission of Proposals


    Responses to this RFP are due by 3:00 p.m. on June 30, 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted.


    All proposal must be accompanied by a cover letter on the company’s letter head and must be signed by an officer, a managing member or partner authorized to bind the company.


    Proposals are to be sealed and addressed as follows:


    Executive Manager, Administration Dept.

    St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank Ltd.

    P. O. Box 343, Central Street


    Phone: 869 465 2204 Ext. 1531

    Fax:  869 465 1050   Email:


    The proposal may be emailed or delivered to the above address. Any questions regarding the RFP must be addressed to the contact person above. Contractors may not contact other executives, managers, or employees of SKNANB.


    Section 7     Terms and Conditions of the Agreement


    The successful bidder will be required to enter into a formal agreement with SKNANB to provide architectural services. The conceptual and construction drawings will serve as the basis for bidding and construction.


    The term of the agreement shall be for the duration of the project and shall include the project plan detailing the activities and their respective timelines which were agreed to.


    Section 8     Specifications and Description of Works


    The intent of this RFP is to solicit bids from qualified Architectural Firms for customary services provide under the umbrella of architectural services for the following:


    • Cost estimating
    • Initial Planning Phase -Developing the initial plan and conceptual specifications for the construction program.
    • Schematic Design with detailed cost estimate
    • Design Development with detailed cost estimate
    • Provide cost benefit assessments to be used in selecting materials and systems
    • Final Working Drawings and Specifications
    • Construction Contract Document
    • Bidding
    • Construction oversight and management
    • Contract administration close out
    • Warranty Inspections and Reviews


    • Post construction Phase – Verifying all facility systems work such Air Conditioning Systems and Fire Alarms


    Section 9     Costs Incurred


    This RFP does not commit SKNANB to pay any costs incurred in preparation or submission of the proposal.


    Section 10   Ownership


    All proposals and supporting material submitted in response to this RFP will become the sole property of SKNANB. Information not already known to SKNANB, or not considered to be in the public domain will be considered confidential.


    Section 11   Contractor’s Requirements


    1. The contractor performing under this contract shall comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, including, but not limited to personnel and business licensing qualifications and tax obligations.


    1. The contractor shall indemnify SKNANB for any liability arising out of or relating to the performance of the work under this contract. The contractor shall obtain and


    1. Maintain appropriate level of insurance to cover personal injuries or property damage.


    Section 12   Instructions to Bidders


    1. Bidder is to address the following subjects in the response.


    1. Please insert your responses on separate paper and attach.


    1. Reference any attachments in the text and include printed copies of attachments at the back of this document.


    1.               Company History & Organization


    Provide a brief company history, mission statement and organizational summary. Explain ownership (private or public) and include brief biographical information regarding the personnel who would be solely responsible for the management and supervision of this project.


    2.               Project Approach


    Describe the firm’s capabilities for budgeting, scheduling, cost estimating and document control during the design, construction, and post construction phases. Also, information regarding the Company’s experience with this type of project and reference any special qualifications.


    Describe how the Company’s design and pre-construction services lead to reduction in construction costs and change orders.


    Explain the design strategies your Company employ to reduce SKNANB short term and long-term maintenance costs.


    3.           Design Concept


    Provide a statement of your design concept outlining your vision of creating a smart workplace, which caters to aesthetic and practical needs of our business.


    4.               Insurance 


    The successful bidder shall carry and maintain, with respect to any work or service to be performed at SKNANB facilities, insurance written by a reputable insurance company to provide the following:


    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Commercial General Liability Insurance.


    (Include Certificate of Insurance)



    5.               Licensing


    The successful bidder must have the applicable licenses as stipulated under the laws of St. Kitts and Nevis. The bidder must include:


    • Business Licenses
    • Professional Licenses
    • Statement of compliance from Social Security


    6.               Cost Proposal & Invoicing


    Provide proposal cost and progress payments


    7.               References


    Provide at least two references from entities that you have provided this type of service to. Include Company’s name, address, contact person, and contact number.


 Contact Information
Company St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited
Phone (869) 465-2204 ext 1614

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