Getting it all Together
The Online Resume Tutorial
How can you land the job you want?

There are many steps you need to take to get a job, and one of the most important steps is to create a résumé! A résumé is basically a document that outlines the skills you can bring to a job. The ultimate goal of a résumé is to show an employer what you can do for their company and convince them to call you for an interview so they can meet you, which will hopefully lead to a job!

There are many types of résumés for different types of people, and to apply for various types of jobs. So how do you start putting a résumé together? The Youth Site has created a Résumé Tutorial that lets you choose the résumé type that suits your needs and then create that résumé, step by step! These basic tutorials are just the first step to helping you build a good résumé that will work for you.

The Three Résumé Formats

Chronological Résumé
Functional Résumé
Combination Résumé
This type of résumé format focuses on your work history by presenting your work experience and education in sequence, starting with your most recent job and working your way backwards. This format shows an employer that you have relevant work experience for a specific industry or job, and you've advanced your experience by working in different jobs. One advantage of this format is that it highlights your education, which is great if you're a student! This format is recommended for people applying for entry-level jobs and people changing jobs within the same field. Keep in mind that this used to be the most common résumé format. This type of résumé format focuses on the skills you've learned, instead of your work history. This format lists information in categories that highlight your skills, work experiences, accomplishments, education and training. This format shows an employer the combination of assets that you can offer their company. It also highlights your transferable skills, which are skills you have learned that you can transfer to a job. This format is recommended for people that are looking for jobs outside of their industry, or that have gaps in their work history. This type of résumé format focuses on emphasizing your skills and accomplishments, but still lists your work history. This format combines parts of the chronological résumé with parts from the functional résumé. It also allows you to give your résumé a unique style, because you determine how you combine your skills with your work history. This format is highly recommended by career professionals, especially for people changing jobs. More people are using this format nowadays, so employers are quickly becoming more familiar with it.