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Conducting A Successful Job Search
Conducting a job search in the current business climate can be daunting and frustrating. Competition is fierce as the opposition are armed with qualifications and experience that matches and occasionally betters yours. To ensure you have the same chance as your competitors you need to conduct a well planned and well thought out job search.

Where and how do you start though? You know what you want to do but are unsure how to go about making the leap. Changing jobs and career moves are now an integral part of our working lives and it’s very seldom that difficulties or frustrations are not experienced as the search for new and better employment begins.

While networking and personal contacts can be useful it does not always guarantees positive results. It is a right place at the right time approach and as often as not a little bit of luck plays its part in this scenario.

Someone once told me that the worse thing that can happen to anyone is to be elevated to a position that is beyond his or her competence. It is a valuable piece of advice. Do not set your sights so high that your aspirations are unrealistic. Do not discount the opportunity to work at a smaller company because it doesn’t fit with the image you have carved out for your new career.

Many of the most successful business people the world over started at small companies, gained their experience used that experience to move on to greater things.

Keep an open mind, don’t discount anything and check out all opportunities that present themselves to you.

See below for the many methods open to you as you check out the current job market:

  • Online Job Sites: Surfing the Internet has quickly established itself as one of the fastest and easiest ways to research job opportunities. There are millions of excellent sites with up to the minute possibilities at the click of a mouse.
  • Resume Distribution Services: Post your Resume with a Resume Distribution Service, which will contact the agencies and job sites that have job opportunities, suited to your experience.
  • Employment Agencies: Having an appointed agent direct you in your job search. They have excellent contacts that are used to fill job postings with suitable candidates.
  • Newspapers: The traditional route, which remains very popular and very successful for millions of job seekers.
  • Job Fairs: Bring your knowledge and experience to a job fair where like-minded people can recognise your potential through a mutual exchange of views. These are a useful method of networking as contacts are made that can be useful for the future.
  • Direct Research: Conduct your own research into the companies you are interested in working for approaching them directly with your Resume and experience.
  • Networking: Use friends, colleagues, former colleagues and family in your job search drawing on their list of contacts to produce the job offer you have been looking for.

    The above list is by no means exhaustive but it will direct you in the early stages of your job search as you seek out the career you have always wanted.