Interviewing Tips
How To Deal With A Poor Interviewer
One of the more frustrating aspects to an interview is coming up against an interviewer that is inexperienced and has failed to prepare adequately for the interview.

All too often these are the very people who get to make the decision on hiring. Unfortunately many of these Mangers are notoriously bad interviewers who have had relatively little training in this process. They very often fail to prepare for the meeting, sometimes not even reading the resume prior to the interview. This results in a disjointed and often one-sided affair as they try to compensate for their lack of preparation.

It is devastating to prepare thoroughly for an interview, only to be faced with an interview that talks far too much, fails to elicit the relevant information or even worse asks closed questions allowing you only a one or two word response to each question. This in turn gives the perception that you have nothing to offer which is completely to the contrary.

Should you find yourself in this unenviable position you must be able to overcome this problem. The only option open to you is to be extremely well prepared going into the interview. Have a clear idea of the message you are communicating and a determination to sell your key points. Do not rely on the interviewer to be successful, make the interview work for you.