Interviewing Tips
Interview or Interrogation
Anyone who has suffered through a bad interview experience may feel that it was the closest thing to an interrogation they have ever endured.

This is a misconception and while we sympathize with any individuals who have left an interview feeling depressed, cheer up, you were unfortunate, it is not the norm believe us.

Do not allow an interviewer to conduct a one-way process, if you do, without doubt it will feel like an interrogation. This is a fundamental error, which will leave you squirming in your chair as you await the end to come. It is easy to understand how candidates feel intimidated; it appears that the interviewer holds all the cards. Let’s face it they are in control at the outset sitting at their desk holding your resume as though they have all the right answers to the questions, the layout of the room and their handling of the situation. It is easy to feel at a disadvantage.

To turn that disadvantage to your benefit, behave in a considerate and courteous manner, arrive on time and observe basic courtesies such as making eye contact and giving the interviewer a firm handshake. Do not slouch into your chair and attempt to become invisible, sit up straight, smile warmly and answer questions with confidence and a positive attitude.

Don’t allow yourself to feel threatened or intimidated in anyway for this will quickly become evident. Take control of your part of the process and behave with consideration, courtesy and professionalism.

Be careful though, you may find yourself enjoying the experience!