Interviewing Tips
Interviews – Make Or Break Situations
You may be feeling great now that you have completed your resume and cover letter and are armed for action, however you will not secure a new job without an interview.

It is unfortunate that so many of us experience anxiety and nerves prior to interviews leading us to feel uncomfortable and often distressed about the prospect that lies ahead. However, even if you have successfully networked your way to the interview, the fact is that you still have to go in there and sell your potential as a serious candidate.

No employer in today’s competitive world will invest thousands of dollars a year on you without performing a thorough check prior to hiring.

And as a point of fact, you would not be foolish enough to accept a position without researching and meeting a representative of the company.

An interview can vary in length from 30 minutes to 1 hr, 30 minutes depending on the position and the company’s requirements.

An important point to note is that no two interviews are ever the same; there are significant variations between interviewers, approach and the quality of interviewing with each organization.

All things considered it is important to realize that the bottom line is that each interview you attend is a make or break situation.

Your future career depends totally on the outcome of the interview and that in turns means your performance.

This means hard work, research, preparation and practice to ensure that when the time comes you can deliver and polished and professional performance, confident in your abilities and experience.