Interviewing Tips
The Outcome Of An Effective Interview
A common myth that has developed around the whole interview psychology is that each interview is a ‘them and us’ situation where you basically compete against the interviewer sitting across the table from you.

This is positively untrue, though it is true to say that interviews are challenging. On many occasions you will feel nerves and trepidation about the prospect, but if you enter an interview feeling that you have to score points off the person opposite you will be guaranteed to fail in your quest.

You must portray a confident air and be in a position to display your strengths as you hold your own within the conversation, ultimately you should participate in a stimulating discussion.

A successful interview should be a win – win situation for both recruiter and candidate. It is essential that the interview builds rapport and that you in turn reciprocate.

This will promote a climate of professionalism, mutual respect allowing for frank and open conversation. In turn you will be given the opportunity to sell your skills and experience in a positive manner using the time afforded to you productively.