Getting Started
How do I know which skills I need
1. Evaluate your current skills first

To find out what skills to get, you need to know which ones you already have. Find out what employability skills you've developed through your life experiences!

Ask yourself things like:

  • Do I have a positive attitude towards life?
  • What are my best subjects in school?
  • Do I like working with others?
Think about your experiences and the skills you developed from each one. You can check out the chart below to see the major skill groups and their characteristics.

Skill Groups

Provide the basic foundation to succeed in the workplace

Attitudes, behaviours and skills to get, keep and progress on a job


Skills needed to work effectively with other


Reading: I read, understand and use written materials

Writing: I write effectively and use the language needed on the job

Speaking: I speak clearly and to the point

Listening: I listen to others, understand and learn from the information given

Attitudes and behaviours

Positive outlook: I have a positive attitude toward learning, growing and personal health

Honesty and integrity: I am truthful to my values and ethics

Self-esteem: I believe in myself and my abilities Initiative: I am energetic, persistent, and get the job done

Entrepreneurial outlook: I am willing to create work opportunities for myself by launching a business or developing job possibilities within a company


Work with others

Team player: I understand a group's goals and contribute to reaching them

Teaching and learning: I teach team members new skills and learn skills from them

Negotiating: I bargain with team members to accomplish goals


Mathematics: I understand and solve problems using math and apply the results to my work

Creativity: I think creatively and produce innovative ideas

Problem solving: I apply knowledge to solve problems effectively

Processing information: I organize and process information efficiently


Organization: I set goals and priorities in my work and private life

Time management: I plan and manage my time, money and work effectively

Reliability: I arrive at work on time, every working day

Accountability: I take responsibility for all my actions


Leading and following: I know when to initiate actions and when to follow directions


Acquiring knowledge: I learn from working with others, doing research and making mistakes

Learning for life: I plan to upgrade my work skills, techniques and knowledge throughout my life



Flexibility: I am open to change

Diversity: I respect people's diversity and differences

Global mindset: I understand the customs of different cultures and peoples


Respect: I respect the ideas, thoughts and opinions of other team members

Planning: I plan and make decisions with others and support the outcomes


Computer literacy: I can work on a computer using a variety of software

Equipment knowledge: I use technology, equipment and information systems effectively