Getting Started
Networking Works
There are many steps to finding a job, and one of the first steps is to start networking.

What is networking?

In the world of work, networking means interacting with people you know and don't know and asking them for information about the world of work. Through networking you let friends, family, former employers and potential employers know that you're looking for work opportunities. By talking to a wide variety of people you may find someone who has information that might lead you to a job opportunity. Networking is an effective way to find out where the jobs are because you interact with a great deal of people both directly and indirectly.

How can networking help me find summer job opportunities?

Employers everywhere are gearing up for the rush of young people that will be looking for summer work. If you start networking right now you can get a head start and find out about jobs and opportunities that might already be taken by the time the summer job hunt rolls around.

There are two types of jobs in the job market.

  • Jobs in the visible job market: Work opportunities advertised in places were a large group of people can access them, such as help wanted ads, store signs, or job postings.

  • Jobs in the hidden job market: These are work opportunities advertised through word of mouth or only within certain companies or organizations, and some of these positions are not even available yet!
Statistic: only 15% of jobs are advertised, which means 85% of jobs are in the hidden job market

How can you find out about jobs in the hidden job market? Through networking. Advertising available or upcoming positions can be costly for employers. They have to design an ad or job description, then pay to advertise it. Advertised jobs usually reach a wide audience, so employers receive hundreds of résumés and applications. Employers must then take the time to sort through these applications and find the right candidate for a job. It's much easier for employers to advertise a position only within their own company and let their employees spread the word to their friends and colleagues. The hidden job market saves employers money, time and also leads them to job applicants that their employees already know and trust.