Getting it all Together
The Online Job Shop
Looking for work online means having instant access to a hidden job market. Information that can take days of phone calls and footwork to track down can be found online, at your fingertips.

The online job search requires a subtle shift in strategy. You can do anything from scanning classified ads, to participating in online virtual job fairs. Just think, potential employers will never be able to see how nervous you are!

You can scan company home pages to learn who is hiring, and what skills are in demand. However, so can anyone else with access to the Internet. Such readily available information leads to more competition.

Employers expect a large response when they post positions online, so job seekers shouldn't hesitate to post their résumés on numerous sites. In any job search, persistence counts, and the online job search is no exception.

Knowing your way around a hard drive doesn't hurt either. Both technical and non-technical job descriptions require more familiarity with computers. Those who know how to use the Internet have an obvious advantage.

Being able to adapt to these job-search strategy changes is another advantage. Electronic job banks, online application procedures, and scanning technology are forcing job seekers to add new methods and skills to their job search tool kit.

However, old-fashioned methods are still effective. Here are a few basic tips for looking for work online:

  • Network using mail lists, email and chat rooms
  • Market your skills to potential employers
  • Stay marketable - keep your skills current
  • Know your work options – contract work, telecommuting and flextime in.