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Repect yourself
Wednesday, 8 January, 2014
13 Recommends
Sens  *  17-Jan-2014
Instead of saying Respect your self, why now respect others. everybody is entitled to live their own life, Whatever we choose to do with it, its our business, we are the ones that will be judged at the end of it all. Why do we always have to adopt to what 'society' thinks is right. Wear what they think we should wear, comb our hair the way they say, speak the way they do? Why do we look down on people who choose to be themselves? So are our faces differ so are our hearts. Lets not only respect ourselves but respect others way of living.
Fashion Police  *  9-Jan-2014
You choices have an outcome, and that outcome is that your will be judge negatively when you choose to dress like those depicted above.
Sue  *  9-Jan-2014
.....I always believe your clothing do not define who you are but we as a society judge people whether male or female on what we wear and not how we behave. However, respecting oneself comes from values you have set and attained for yourself.
Big Fan  *  9-Jan-2014
Well well cartoonist, you are sooooo good, drawings are getting better everytime. Way to go
Local Gyul  *  9-Jan-2014
Thanks for addressing the lack of dressing. It is totally disrespectful. Not much I can say about the girls and women walking around naked, that speaks for itself, but do our boys and men who dress this way realise this started in prison where belts are not provided. Its not a fashion statement. They have brought the prison wear to the streets! Why do we adapt everything thats negative!!!
show resoect  *  9-Jan-2014
That's how they want their children to grow up....disgusting!
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-Jan-2014
It seems as if this is the norm for both sexes on the island and most feel following what they see in foreign is the way to go.
hmmmm  *  8-Jan-2014
these ladies ins the caribbean need to come better than this its a down right shame to see the standards they have for themselves dressing like that.
Lol  *  8-Jan-2014
Its all about respect!!!
cool 16  *  8-Jan-2014
that s rigth
cool 16  *  8-Jan-2014
that s rigth
sp  *  8-Jan-2014
you are right on target with this toon. exactly what we are experiencing
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