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What you say may someday return to haunt you
Tuesday, 14 January, 2014
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lol1  *  15-Jan-2014
it can also means.... why swear bad-word or wanna beat a child for something that can be replaced within a day... yeah its nice to let kids know they're not to play in the house or whatever other issue there is but when u speak calmly and gentle to a child they understand better.... when you are trying to correct a child and swearing while correcting the child, the child does not remember nothing you say but the bad-word so the message is still not drawn across to the child..... pour love onto your child and everything will become easy not in one day but as time goes by.
Lol  *  15-Jan-2014
Lol @ positive Vibes
Positive Vibes  *  14-Jan-2014
what if... Just what if the cartoon man playing with our heads again. What if he wanted us to fill in the blanks based on our individual thinking....Here's my version.... What in de world does happen to you! Ah tired tell you stop play in me clean house! You know how much this antique cost?....See all are you have a bunch a dutty
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Jan-2014
It also has another side for discipline as sometimes this is the only way some kids learn as I bet you he will never smash anything else at home and be more careful. His punishment might be no supper or breakfast
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Jan-2014
Example shown example followed. Then when he goes to school the next day is the same thing he says to his classmates and the teacher and the principal and later at his mom
Is true  *  14-Jan-2014
I HATE to hear people swearing around children. Its one thing to grow up hearing it on the street, its another thing to have your parents, who LIVE with you, using such vulgar language. Its not good for the children.
screendoor  *  14-Jan-2014
LOL this is says a lot
sp  *  14-Jan-2014
the caption says it all
Gem  *  14-Jan-2014
Thats the exact reaction of some parents to their children, no respect at all for their children and then we wonder why some of our children behave the way they do. It all started with the parents.........Good job cartoonist
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