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A bomb on the plane
Thursday, 30 January, 2014
6 Recommends
pnaydo  *  4-Feb-2014
lol lmao this one hot ... wait did this happen for real?
Local Gyul  *  31-Jan-2014
@ Bob.. You worst than me. lol Inspecting everything! Bigger question. Why he not wearing no underwear in scene 4? No underwear showing round de pants, but Carl and he stunned friend backing away. Imagine they only reading he girlfriend name.. She name WENDY... It's a good thing he didnt show dem the whole ting.... WELCOME TO SKN...HAVE A NICE DAY!... Get it guys... lol. me garn!
Bob  *  31-Jan-2014
It has to do with some paranoid white Americans who think everybody is a Terrorist since 9-11. Even the U.S. Government distrusts and uses the NSA to spy on its own citizens. (Why a dot on the "I" in statement 6?)
Boom!!!!!!  *  31-Jan-2014
Mek dah book so yellow?
Local Gyul  *  31-Jan-2014
These aren't the Good Times we used to know. Poor J J would have been locked up and lost in prison, because everything for him was.........."DYNOMITE"! lol
Positive Youth  *  31-Jan-2014
Our society has become one that nothing is humorous anymore. People have created so much havoc with their evil actions that the rest of society feel they have to live "walking on egg shells". The things we laugh about, another part of the world, persons would never even entertain the conversation. We have to find humor regardless. I am thankful I serve a God that says I should not fear man! Thank you for the toons, they help me to get my sense of humor for the day going. In all that we do, we should remember to say thanks. Blessed weekend my toons family.
Femme Pouvoir  *  31-Jan-2014
Choice of words eh it is how you perceive them then things may or may not happen
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