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Marriage surprise
Tuesday, 4 February, 2014
14 Recommends
Honest  *  7-Feb-2014
@explore that is not true. Just as how men in sk bad, so are the women.Maybe if women set high standards, they wouldnt have to settle for the dogs you all call men.
explore  *  6-Feb-2014
@hunter you aint know you place bout dirty kittian women oru st.kitts man are dogs so watch you mouth when you talking.and a want you find a foreign woman who goin treat you bad and tek all you money and send you back sk crazy you stupid self.
explore  *  6-Feb-2014
lol this is so funny
Dawgeatdawg  *  5-Feb-2014
Hunter BARKING up the wrong tree. LOL. Lawd Hunter on the prowl! They sure put you in you place! LOL @ Hunter
Love It  *  5-Feb-2014
Lololol love this toon ........Keep up the good works mr cartoonist, you are very good at what you are doing
hunter  *  5-Feb-2014
I was obviously joking, lol
Splender  *  5-Feb-2014
I guess hunter doesn't know the Kittitian men... seems like "they" know nothing about how to treat a woman. Maybe that's the reason why Kittitian women are the way he thinks they are.
Bond007  *  5-Feb-2014
there is something that need to be clarified, both black and white do the sex change surgery(operation), both black and white know how to be dirty. I know there is some good black woman around here( very difficult to find). and the problem is not only black men looking for white women, we just have to change our mindset. the same problem happends in a supermarket , you have to see the care they give to a white man, and when is was my turn as a black it was so different.
vet  *  5-Feb-2014
Oooh so that was Hunter with the Valentine dog? Leave the dirty animals alone Hunter and find a local human woman!!!!
Local Gyul  *  4-Feb-2014
You see how our men does pick up other people trash, pretty them up in colorful trash bags and then say its the sweetest ga-barge (that's french for garbage) they ever smell! @ Hunter!
hunter  *  4-Feb-2014
foreign women are still the best far better than the dirty kittian animals
MIX UP  *  4-Feb-2014
swim me boy, swim away.....
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Feb-2014
Especially if you leave a real woman with children back a yard so the visa and money ain't important now
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