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Online shopping vs downtown shopping
Wednesday, 5 February, 2014
12 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  6-Feb-2014
@ Lady Diva..That "ALL SALES ARE FINAL & NO REFUND" should be your first and last warning not to shop at that establishment. Let them keep there Messy-merchandise if that’s how they are going to conduct business!
Lady Diva  *  6-Feb-2014
Thx Customer Service. Also to Local Gyul you may be right about the physicalness of the purchase items. But it's not all the time you can get a refund from stores. I guess you don't see the signs when they say ALL SALES ARE FINAL! AND NO REFUND!
Local Gyul  *  6-Feb-2014
Well being a well seasoned or eccentric shoe collector that I am. (lol) . I can only say it's better to shop in stores where you can see and touch the product for yourself. You may find things a littel cheaper online, however you will definitely get what you pay for! The dissadvantage we have is that it's not easy to return if you are not satisfied with your online purchase.. Plus ah dont like walking thru town bending and twistng cause shoes to small and giving me corn!!!!!
Customer Service & Salesmanship  *  6-Feb-2014
Lady Diva you are so right. I am not suggesting that the clothing stores give away their business, but they have to know how to be flexible and bargain from time to time. Just imagine I want an item today and it's too expensive and five months later I come back to the store and inquire about the same item and they want to sell you at the same price. Some businesses prefer to have dead stock than to focus on sales turnover.
Computer Guy  *  6-Feb-2014
I'd rather buy clothes locally, but when it comes to technological equipment, it makes much more sense to order online. Not only is it cheaper but local stores often don't have the items in stock or don't sell them at all.
fashionish  *  6-Feb-2014
if u order from online which is more cheaper yes we have to pay our little fee but it still cant cum up for so much money of shoe of st.kitts.customs need to stick to one price someone need to look in it day kill poor pple .one day may shoe cum i wen to port for it day charge me 1hundred n 20twenty next time i wen 30 dollor it more to story
Of Course  *  6-Feb-2014
Price of the Shoe plus Shipping and handling plus Tax on the business plus Customs charges plus salaries and wages to employees plus rent plus electricity plus business licence.
lady Diva  *  6-Feb-2014
Pple in SK does go on like they money hungry. I walk in to a store one day and say a blouse for 200 and in another store have it cheaper n is the same cloth. Well i tell the 200 dollar store i going elsewhere. I got it for a cheaper price than both stores. Sometimes we as Kittitians have to use our SWEET MOUTHS! and bargain. CHK THE INDIANS THEY HOT ON CATCHING A SALE.
Ridiculous  *  6-Feb-2014
dis gor be blondelle store jed....3/4 of her shoes are on GoJane for less than $20US and want to come sell them for $150+....HEARTLESS!!
Really  *  6-Feb-2014
Do you all realise how much customs does charge the store owners? Plus you have to take in consideration airfare, hotel, taxi, rent, electricity, and wages. Even thought I agree that some of then do over do it..
Femme Pouvoir  *  6-Feb-2014
It is the same thing we been talking about and here it goes. the shoes are not even for $75EC. The $15US plus tax can't come up to $165 .AK lawd man
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