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Back against the wall
Monday, 17 February, 2014
10 Recommends
BUFF BEAR  *  20-Feb-2014
To me this pic seems like Unity supporters outside the bank protesting and the Speaker is inside afraid & watch a calamity
Local Gyul  *  19-Feb-2014
Okay it took me two days to figure this out. He's at the bank looking to get bailed out of his messy situation. See the bank sign is facing him which means someone else is sitting across from him..Lord a maybe a little gray but not blonde! lol
Bob  *  19-Feb-2014
The cheese stands alone! Mudddooooooo...!
jokes  *  18-Feb-2014
@frankie what don't you understand? you can't pay the piper don't play the fiddle....
amoire  *  18-Feb-2014
full confidence whimpy, this toon is hilarious! do the right thing and stop playing dodging hoop
How I Feel  *  18-Feb-2014
He Back ain Against No Wall! No need to be scared Keep Calm all is well Full Confidence
Thruth  *  18-Feb-2014
Lord this is so funny. Look at poor Wimpy.
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Feb-2014
Wimpy and Drunken Jonell all for de motion.Wimpy had full confidence and Drunken Jonell no confidence all fight for power to rule SKN they are all frauds. Frankie LOL this is a demonstration sometimes you got to read between the lines
Frankie LOL  *  18-Feb-2014
Is he supposed to give them there money and he doesn't want to? Well that's just fart!
Frankie LOL  *  18-Feb-2014
I just don't understand?
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