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Cougar Town
Tuesday, 18 February, 2014
9 Recommends
Loving the Skin I'm In  *  5-Mar-2014
I'm 44 and my partner is 35.....what's wrong with that....The young ladies that you feel should partner these men because they are equal in age have nothing to bring to the table...they cant conversate nor relate...set a ambulance...wan...wan...wan... The young men find our independence and intellect refreshing for a change...not to mention we body up to par and can compete and outrun the "young" "sexy" girls!
Cougar  *  19-Feb-2014
Thats just great! He's still drinking Similac and eating Barley. lol.......Just tell him call me in 10 Thanks, but No Thanks TD.......Anybody seen Bob? lol
Timothy DOuglas  *  19-Feb-2014
the last time i checkk the cartoonist is at least 27
Local Gyul  *  19-Feb-2014
Amoire that toon would be called" Hunt for Mrs. Robinson" or "Sweet Sugah Momma" cause that's what they looking for. Leave the toon the way it is where the "Cougars" are in control. They just need to check the ID's and leave the babies alone! As for the that Mother Daughter duo above ah hope they took they Geritol!
amoire  *  19-Feb-2014
mr toonist plz let us see a toon with younger men seeking older womwn cuz its more than u think
Local Gyul  *  19-Feb-2014
@ Jem....Well Three Snaps in a Z formation. You tell 'em girl! So long as you not a "Diamond in the Rough" or worst yet a "Rough Looking Diamond" lol You Go Girl! lol
Jem  *  19-Feb-2014
Call me a cougar a cradle robber or whatever you want but I don't want no old men, old men can't turn me on
Cougar  *  19-Feb-2014
Oh Lordy NO!.... How young is his father or uncle then? Cougar Girl not looking to teach anybody!
haha  *  19-Feb-2014
he is older than 18 he is at least 20
Frankie LOL  *  19-Feb-2014
He is 18.Lol!
Cougar  *  18-Feb-2014
Frankie how young is your cousin? He's pretty funny.....Lol...tell him to call me since you putting his business on blast! Lol
Frankie LOL  *  18-Feb-2014
Lol.Not because I 55 I still like young meat.Lol!!!!!! So funny.The cartoonist is my cousin and I cannot believe he is from St.Kits and I'm from America.!!!!! LOL!!!!!
Local Gyul  *  18-Feb-2014
They are called With a different setting and different age groups I would say turnabout is fair play! Although I'm not justifying these old haggars preying on seemingly young boys, I dont find anything wrong with women in their 40's dating men 35 and up! Men have been doing it for years so now the tables are turned. Ladies lets just stay in your age group and stay off the prowl. Thats all! Funny too though!
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Feb-2014
Who are these? Cradle robbers or gossip hagglers or old hags or blood sucking vampires but to think of it all sorts and ages are prying on these young guy. It must be quite eerie that is why the young guy is feeling their presence. This cult is dangerous and to think of it SKN has in a lot. Some won't keep out of the cemeteries at nights especially midnight
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