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Beauty over pain
Wednesday, 19 February, 2014
9 Recommends
Feeling her  *  21-Feb-2014
Ain no woman can say they never wring their foot or even stumble wearing heels. Not in SK pothole road them. you shake it off and keep strutting. And men need to keep their comments to themselves, cuz ain no way in hell they can ever walk 2 steps in heels women wear
Local Gyul  *  21-Feb-2014
and another thing Frankie, You just left my toonman alone bout numbers mixed up. He shouldnt be numbering them anyway cause are you a big people and should know how to read a comic book or cartoon by now! You all dont need directions!
Local Gyul  *  21-Feb-2014
Frankie why are you being a hater. If she feel she perfect and she mirror tell she she look good then why you De Gyul look cute. Nevermind if she dress was any shorter she might catch a cold in her purse (wink know which purse a mean)
Frankie LOL  *  21-Feb-2014
Why r the numbers mixed up???????????
Frankie LOL  *  21-Feb-2014
OMG! Ms.Perfect u look too ugly.U know u don't have to show off u know.U look like veronica in the Betty & Veronica comic book.She broke her hell at a Christmas Party and she still claiming that she's buetiful even though she's not!!!!!!!!!
Diva V  *  20-Feb-2014
"A me money buy them and ah still look good"! She told him! work it girl! Bout miss you aint see you cant walk in shoes. A wonder if he does try walk in them too!
Loving it  *  20-Feb-2014
Girls in high heels rock......Good job mr cartoonist you are very talented
Local Gyul  *  20-Feb-2014
Mr Toonman you inspired me to wear these 4 inch peep toe wedge to work today. No worries though! I rocked and work them well. Humph so tek that! Now A hope a do the same when a
sp  *  20-Feb-2014
most of them cant work the heels . its an art , I wear a lot of heelsbut these ladies must realize that attitude and confidence goes with the heels
Local Gyul  *  19-Feb-2014
Okay so I can see the pic now. So All a you going lay off of us tall confident women who know how to work the heels. If you legs short fat and stubby wear flats! If you legs long lean and sexy WEAR de heels! Hold your chest up high and rock the runway. Wear the heels! no bother wid these flat shoes wearing haters.. Night Ladies..LOL BTW.. Foot soak and massage works everytime!
sk women  *  19-Feb-2014
women in heels is a turn off - natural me say
sk women  *  19-Feb-2014
want show off and dry huh de style not for them
amoire  *  19-Feb-2014
the pic was abt ladies wearing high heel shoes even when the shoes are hurting their feet n they can hardly walk in them
Frankie LOL  *  19-Feb-2014
Where is the pic? I really want to see it amoire were? How? Where is the picture :( . Wanna see it!??????????????????????????????????????????°?•?????¤??????
Local Gyul  *  19-Feb-2014
Well maybe granny tek whey his crayons and he cant draw no years young.. SMH!!!! he's a good artist though! got to give him his props even though I cant view the prop for the Title!
amoire  *  19-Feb-2014
local gyul the toon was there when I posted my comment. don't know what happened
Local Gyul  *  19-Feb-2014
Unless its me and my Leap Frog of a Lap top...My picture is not loading. amorie what are you looking at. Ah see all the other toons and no picture for this one. Some Cougar have Mr. Toonman all flustered today?
amoire  *  19-Feb-2014
I just see one of them up the road a while ago. lol! sometimes I feel so sorry for them
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