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"Tri" these "Ambulettes"
Thursday, 20 February, 2014
12 Recommends
bless  *  15-Apr-2014
This is real funny indeed.
shika lolll  *  3-Apr-2014
booo  *  1-Mar-2014
This is so funny how intelligent St.Kitts people are drop the politics for once nah. Stop make the world think St.Kitts are the worse. Nice Cartoon
DMorton  *  27-Feb-2014
I am beginning to think that your cartoons are misogynistic. Stop hatin gon the young women, older women and girls Mr. Cartoonist. I am not sure that you know that you are doing it. But look back at your carttons overtime and you will see what I am talking about.
TRUTH  *  21-Feb-2014
Lord have mercy this is so funny and so true. Welcome to Bedrock. They taking us back to the stone age in every way.
Local Gyul  *  21-Feb-2014
Ooooo K! and here we go. Politics injected like poison into this cartoon :(...... Look at the end of the day this porta pottie on wheels ah mean Ambulette going to be of some convenience, and we going eat crow if we ever have to utilise one, so all jokes aside a rather one a these come to my aid that for somebody to fling me cross the back of a donkey an tek me up a JNF! So are you going lef the toon writer alone. He could back whoever he want to as long as he keep the jokes coming. Capiche?
Kay  *  21-Feb-2014
why the person have to be a PAM or Unity? Politics is funny no matter who you are and whoever is in power will bear the brunt of jokes. The ambulettes size is funny for us
Facebook  *  21-Feb-2014
The toon writer is really a big PAM, oh sorry "UNITY"
Frankie LOL  *  21-Feb-2014
That is the Flinstone Family.Bedrock its the Bedrock........Lol.GTG...BRB...K.I.S.S.
amoire  *  20-Feb-2014
mr toon you are so funny!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Local Gyul  *  20-Feb-2014
Mr. Editor....Edit frame 3 lol... NOt because who
Local Gyul  *  20-Feb-2014
LMAOF!.... Meet the Flintstones. Lawd arby really live a Bedrock!
MIX UP  *  20-Feb-2014
backdoor  *  20-Feb-2014
looool ths here sweet me so tall!!!!
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