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Thursday, 27 February, 2014
8 Recommends
shjika  *  3-Apr-2014
Sense  *  12-Mar-2014
I agree Facebook.. Whoever the toonist is he or she is a PAM... I don't mind him/her trying to be funny but some of the toons are ridiculous and unnecessary... I really do not understand how the man size becomes a joke in this situation... Once i would like to see a toon that shows the accomplishments of the country... wrong is wrong and right is right... It's not just locals that view the site remember that... We are reliant on tourism and some of the negativity that is portrayed on this site can be avoided...
good job  *  1-Mar-2014
Great work Mr toon man. You are gifted, taking a serious matter and presenting it in a funny way.. Good job
Talk de Truth  *  28-Feb-2014
To Facebook, that is not true. Just the other day he drew Sam Condor flubbing on the podium. He simply draws about whats happening. Its not his fault those in power making a**es of themselves
M6  *  28-Feb-2014
If you know how well trained this bodyguard is you all will leave him alone. He is just doing his job
Facebook  *  28-Feb-2014
I dont mind the politics but 99 percent of the time he is so one-sided with the politics - Guess our toon man is a BIG PAM or is it UNI-Divide
Frankie LOL  *  27-Feb-2014
Amoire you go guy! The toonist could draw.He draws for me alot!!!! So u tell them!!!
amoire  *  27-Feb-2014
plz leave our mr. toon alone. his toons are hilarious so if u don't find them funny quit reading them. keep on doing it mr. toonist we love all your toons. job well done
Local Gyul  *  27-Feb-2014
@ stues.... Please put in you front teeth before you start cussing my toonman! Whey de P.. and to you Mr. Rasta till i see Pork!... Mr toonman has to deal wid de current issues (he jus need to be nice to the ladies) lol
nyc  *  27-Feb-2014
blow breeze blow his skinny self down on his face so he can see what it is like not to play with people you fool
Blessed  *  27-Feb-2014
he only draws what is given of him to do so u cant be mad at him
No Holds Barred  *  27-Feb-2014
The real issue here is, the one denying the elected and the electorate the right to have a government of their choosing is being protected. Give him a goatee and a chain around his neck, that is what he appears to be.
Give Me A Break  *  27-Feb-2014
A cartoonist is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. This work is often created for entertainment, political commentary or advertising.
Rasta fa ah While  *  27-Feb-2014
JAhhah.. take de politics out of the cartoons. Mr cartoonist your started out doing a good job, but as of late most of your cartoons are of a political nature. Seems like your agenda has changed. Hmmmmmmm
strues  *  27-Feb-2014
not funny at all.
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