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Meet and Greet
Thursday, 6 March, 2014
6 Recommends
Frankie LOL  *  15-Mar-2014
What is wrong with him? Is he sick or something?
DM  *  10-Mar-2014
@Lumumba you are 100% correct. UNITY is folling itself if it thinks people will take them seriously with Lindsay Grant in the forefront. Who they think going to put Grant in power with Timothy, who only fall out with Douggie because he did not give him PM position.
Kitti-gal  *  7-Mar-2014
i wonder if team unity will send back the 'tri ambulets to dubai when they form the government?
Local Gyul  *  7-Mar-2014
Polititrics..........."The Political Ponziy Scheme" Where ONLY those at the top and who know know benefit all off the backs of the masses!
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Mar-2014
Oh I forgot to say Grant and the Pm are two of a kind as far as I see-both a short in their backside, one has sold our lands and passport and one was about to do that if he got into power, their statures made them have to squeele a lot, both bread is buttered on both sides and the list goes on and on. Both need to go and sit down and give others a chance to excel
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Mar-2014
The speaker is not the only one has house and car to pay for many others do too and they don't have to depend on the PM to do so as a matter of fact some don't have electricity in their homes and to top this off there is high vat, high cost of living, high time corruption and it is things like that we allow as long as our pockets are full
Lumumba  *  7-Mar-2014
It is amazing to see Grant on the front line protesting against the speaker, when all the world saw him negotiating a bribe for funds to go to his personal offshore accounts. However Tim can overlook that but in the interest of personal ambition could be hypocritical against that issue but let us not forget that PAM had two MONC against that were never heard and if they had a minority government after the 1993 elections that Tim was involved in why he so willing to protest now and was nowhere to be seen back then on the front for democracy. Tim and Sam have a good alternative if the protest ain't bringing their desired results, GO TO the polls get reelected to prove that their constituents are fully supporting them and that can cause either bi elections or general elections to be.
Bob  *  6-Mar-2014
Leave the Speaker alone. He has his two jobs to protect, along with the Prime Minister who gave him those jobs! And he has a house and car to pay for. So for the Speaker to introduce the MONC would be committing Financial Suicide and showing Ungratefulness. It ain't going to happen.
Femme Pouvoir  *  6-Mar-2014
Timothy you wrong to make the man go to the bathroom and kitchenette to let out and drink water. Those are the only issues he can deal with as the MONC is no where to be found.
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