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Real or fake
Monday, 10 March, 2014
12 Recommends
me arm  *  22-Mar-2014
It can be the paint
Frankie LOL  *  15-Mar-2014
I agree with u STRAIGHT TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Badz  *  11-Mar-2014
I did a similar satire last week on my fb where Carty was claiming that his ministry had no evidence of contamination meanwhile the students were turning into zombies from the walking dead,,lol
STRAIGHT TALK  *  10-Mar-2014
He needs some of that green stuff in his face!
Rhyming Time  *  10-Mar-2014
@Local Gyul. Politics is controversial, So while i had other rhymes at my disposal, i chose carefully, i aint trying to mek no enemy! Me mouth shut i mute, You aint gone mek me get no lawsuit!
Local Gyul  *  10-Mar-2014
@ Rhyming Time The Minister of Ed said theirs no danger at school, but a bet he wouldn't spend one day in that Cesspool! We should give a book and two pencils to write and lock his tail up in that school for one night! Our kids are not pawns in their political propgander, just clean up the schools and keep our kids out of danger!
Femme Pouvoir  *  10-Mar-2014
the cartoonist is just too artistic for me sa. It is a pity he went to Miami when he got sick but how many can do that here?
Rhyming Time  *  10-Mar-2014
People going school and dropping down sick, We need to find a solution and we need to find it quick, But before we can find a solution we have to find the problem(s), Search and search until we can find them.
Politics  *  10-Mar-2014
Many may find the politically inclined cartoons controversial, but they paint an accurate picture of whats going on in SK. The ministry should be proactive in getting to the bottom of this issue, not denying that there is one. carty should be ashamed
Turth  *  10-Mar-2014
This is depicting the school and de Nigel Carty to a T. Good one Mr Toon.
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