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Upclose and personal
Tuesday, 11 March, 2014
8 Recommends
nyc  *  18-Mar-2014
if he call de motion he will loose his big money and he do not want that. so he will never call it
No Paparazzi  *  17-Mar-2014
I hope when you REALLY go to work/job you give 100% and do everything you are asked to do, or be subjected to people stalking you in your personal everyday life! Tables turn see how you feel! You REALLY talking BS!
Really  *  14-Mar-2014
Stalk him if necessary. This is not one party vs the other. This is about fairness and justice, if the roles were reversed, I would love to see the same done. Why do we uphold injustice just because we are supporting a particular party. Fairness and justice only friend is TRUTH. Be truthful - Sense, No paparazzi, facts, facebook
Sense  *  12-Mar-2014
Unity Party and the followers are dummies. A party that was formed due to the hatred of one man cannot stand for anything positive. Their main focus should not be to get out the present PM, they should be focusing on what they can do to change the country and move it forward; Instead they focus on what is minimal. It is ashamed to see ppl who are suppose to be intelligent acting in this manner. What will become of us when we have ppl who claim they shld be the leader getting on like a spoil 10 yr old? Wise up so call unity supporters. 500 dollars to raise a sign should not be enough to sway u in the wrong direction.
pall  *  11-Mar-2014
well well
Rhyming Time  *  11-Mar-2014
Correction: the word should be "pavement" and not "payment". Lol @Local Gyul, i dont know whether he has a basement or not / i just needed a rhyme to fill the spot.
nyc man  *  11-Mar-2014
All he has to do, is do his job. Call the motion and it would be all over .
Local Gyul  *  11-Mar-2014
@ Rhyming question my Locality and my Vocal Ability now you come here talking bout putting people in basement for harassing? Look around what basement do you see, You expect to dig basement under the Sea?
Rhyming Time  *  11-Mar-2014
Seems like some sort of harassment / They on he job, dey near de school, dey on de payment / Somebody call for reinforcement / Before dey end up in he basement.
Local Gyul  *  11-Mar-2014
He should eat a barrell of baked beans, broccoli and cabbage with a glass of warm milk for breakfast tomorrow! Need I say anymore!
No Paparazzi  *  11-Mar-2014
This is straight up STALKING! Something is dangerously not right about this! Let the man do his job at his workplace and go through the proper channels if you feel he's doing otherwise. This is harassment and stalking! Where are his bodyguards where are the police?
facts  *  11-Mar-2014
Facebook tell me about it..stupid people... i dont know why they dont leave de man.. all de time he cooling nobody sayn nthn, but he call somebody a thief is a big issue... Curtis u right
Facebook  *  11-Mar-2014
Them they no got no sense tall, watch how they let them hungry want to be PM got them a run behind a people like that. They dont know their places tall. Unity is so dis-unified.
Withit  *  11-Mar-2014
I am going to use that slang. When someone tries to annoy me and I am at the point of sinning my soul, I'm going to simply say " why don't you call d marriott?!!???!?"
VALENTINE  *  11-Mar-2014
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