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Beauty before brains
Friday, 21 March, 2014
10 Recommends
Frankie LOL  *  25-Mar-2014
World peace is right.I agree with her.
Local Gyul  *  25-Mar-2014
Look at that! Bob coming out of his Shay-ell (shell) lol... Now thats a funny one Bob.. Nice to see your humorous side.. lol @ Pyrex
Bob  *  25-Mar-2014
Question: "what is your favourite dish?" Queen Contestant: My favourite dish is Pyrex.
Local Gyul  *  25-Mar-2014
I dont think MY cartoon guy is insulting anyone! he is just hightlighting a Beauty Pageant Blooper!. There's a whole Ytube page dedicated to these blunders. It's only comical because we understand the stress they are under. We all know if we were in there shoes we would be biting our tongues off and sweating worse than a pot cover!... That's why we laugh at the moment. Doesnt mean we are insulting the person...and yes it makes us question whats wrapped up in the pretty package!!!
sunshine  *  25-Mar-2014
i think this is an insult cause we all know who it reflects
Local Gyul  *  24-Mar-2014
@Bond007... This coming from a guy who's known to surround himself with brainless bimbos!.lol... "bout nothing in they brain.. Guys like James Bond007 not looking at nobody brain!!!! So that's what you all get!
Bond007  *  24-Mar-2014
I have a question, what does that mean BEAUTY PAGEANT? is about NATURAL BEAUTY where the contestant suppose to be all NATURAL or COSMETIC BEAUTY where everything is fake...fake hair(wigs), fake nails, fake eyelids, the contestants are fake from head to toes and to make it worst, NOTHING IN THE BRAIN!!!
i know this 1!  *  24-Mar-2014
who wore a blue dress in the national carnival queen pageant ??? i wont say ! go look at the ummmmmm pics lol
Local Gyul  *  24-Mar-2014
Sounds like Femme can identify with Femme you taking it too personal..We all well know them wigs/weaves covering up a bunch of blonde roots! lol
penaydo  *  24-Mar-2014
i wonder which pageant this was from? lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  24-Mar-2014
you can say what you want but when you up dere on the stage is another thing and when de brains come before de beauty better still but even that do make mistakes or fumble. It's life -c'est la vie
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