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Trials of a hungry man
Tuesday, 25 March, 2014
11 Recommends
Sense  *  4-Apr-2014
This is what your toons should always be like. Funny!
Local Gyul  *  28-Mar-2014
Well thanks for the clarification Mr. Music formerly known as MIX UP... You were about to get a dress which probably wouldnt fit you if you keep eating coconut tart with raisin roll! :) furthermore.... a would have to call you Rue Paul!
MIX UP  *  28-Mar-2014
From today you can call me Mr Music :-)
MIX UP  *  28-Mar-2014
@Local Gyul.. Too bad I just seeing you message cause I had one with a coconut tart. Next time i will get two...PS: I don't like standing and typing at the same time :-)
Rhyming Time  *  27-Mar-2014
Run Forest run! / Go try to get your raisin roll on!
MixUp  *  26-Mar-2014
LMAO @ Local Gyul.....Not fair at all she out of
Local Gyul  *  26-Mar-2014
See why I love my I begging raisin roll and come tark bout you want a Nevermind wid de raisin roll cause raisin roll for dress is not a fair exchange! lol
MixUp  *  26-Mar-2014
Lolol...address please
Local Gyul  *  26-Mar-2014
Well ah hope de bakery is in the same building and you sending me my Raisin roll....!!! and dont Mix it Up wid nothing else. Please to send my raisin roll! lol
MixUp  *  26-Mar-2014
Lolol.... @ Local Gyul......Pahahahaha.....De Real MixUp in De Building......
Local Gyul  *  26-Mar-2014
LOL @ Mix Up & MIX UP....Both a you cracking me up. Look we have to implement some Toon people moniker alone...I pity the clown that try to steal Local Gyul... Okay will the real Mix UP please stand up! LOL
Jem  *  26-Mar-2014
Real funny toon. He went through all that abuse and he is still hungry. Lol I feel your pain my friend
MixUp  *  26-Mar-2014
No Mix Up impersonator....lolol.... you have my name....but dont worry its all good, i dont think there is any one person who nobody else name like, everybody sharing name....lolol
Local Gyul  *  26-Mar-2014
Funny Toon indeed. Now my mouth watering for some. Mix UP, Frankie or Femme I would appreciate it if you guys can send me some a dem raisin rolls and Mr. Toonman next time you want one...Buy Two! One for
MIX UP  *  26-Mar-2014
sunshine  *  26-Mar-2014
a lawda lol
Frankie LOL  *  25-Mar-2014
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Mar-2014
If dem raisin rolls come from any bakery in SKN they worth going after. Mi dear any family and friends coming in from abroad always go wild for them sometimes I or they have to put in an order long before they come.In this case I sorry for he because he saw de bus outside and he wouldn't come off him smartphone and wait till the bus turn off
libra  *  25-Mar-2014
all dat runnin and nothin to eat lol
boss  *  25-Mar-2014
MixUp  *  25-Mar-2014
Me foot atleast he hair still intack...well a wonder wa so special bout dem raisin roll..
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