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The Joys and Sorrows of Good Friday
Tuesday, 15 April, 2014
16 Recommends
Jem  *  17-Apr-2014
Of a truth, its a real touching story, I can really relate to this young boy's pain, but he will make it because God is in control
sha  *  17-Apr-2014
This is touching... :-(
Local Gyul  *  16-Apr-2014
You see why y'all does confuse me on here. All I know is when i google Clifford I see a Big Red Dog and this person is on here cussing the Big Red...So once again Local Gyul is confused! That's why I dont like Politrics! It's very confusing as to who is who!
Dan  *  16-Apr-2014
Sounds to me like Clifford himself has been neglected from birth and is seeking attention in whatever area he can get it. My heart goes out to you poor Clifford, even your name does not sound right
LG  *  16-Apr-2014
Dear Fathers. "clifford i got banned" is a perfect example of the effects of child neglect. The child grows up and seek negative attention wherever and from whomever he or she can get it! Even if it means being a political Troll. Its still attention seeking! Please someone take clifford out and fly a kite this weekend!
JEM  *  16-Apr-2014
Never mind son, one day you are going to grow up and make something good of yourself and then your father will be wondering where you are in time of his needs
clifford i got banned  *  16-Apr-2014
His father is a black drug mull and properly a labour supporter as well.
Local Gyul  *  16-Apr-2014
@ Rhyming Time..... Nice :)
Rhyming Time  *  16-Apr-2014
De poor boy feelin really sad / Cause he doesnt have his Dad / He doesnt know how to make a kite for Good Friday / But I bet he has other skills and things that he can display / So he shouldnt focus on what he dont have and dont got / But focus on the little that he do and realise that it's actually a lot.
Femme Pouvoir  *  15-Apr-2014
Sknvibes cartoonist you know how to touch our souls eh. This happens every Good Friday but he will come around as someone else's or his best friend's dad will help the poor fellow out. We just have to stretch out out hands and help our brother man
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