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Who is lying about the school?
Friday, 25 April, 2014
7 Recommends
buddy  *  9-May-2014
Facebook....thats the strupidest comment i have ever read!
Frenenemy  *  2-May-2014
You would best have an opinion after you volunteer to spend day in and day out at the school! Then come back and say only 35 people with allergies. If ONLY 1 person getting sick then FACEBOOK WE HAVE A PROBLEM!
Facebook  *  2-May-2014
People listen if the place was so contaminated wouldnt more teachers and students be affected? I am not saying that there is not something, but to use the word contamination is simple ridiculous, I feel the 35 persons they came up with have terrible alergies and these are their reactions, simple. otherwise the hundreds in the school would have been affected. Seen as it is over 700 students and teachers we are talking about
De Gal  *  30-Apr-2014
Dr. Thelma Phillip just looking at the politics not a thing else!
De Gal  *  30-Apr-2014
Dr. Thelma Phillip just looking at the politics not a thing else!
Local Gyul (real one)  *  28-Apr-2014
@ Local Gyul 2 days ago......YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!!
Teacher B  *  27-Apr-2014
As a teacher at the BHS I urge you to read it the report, then make intelligent comments. Remember, even if there are no symptoms today, tomorrow is yet to come...our health comes first - NOT POLITICS...
de king  *  26-Apr-2014
de one in the with telling de truth
Help  *  25-Apr-2014
Can someone please tell me what this toon is about. I am a bit slow right now
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Apr-2014
The most arrogant one I'm sure but as it is said the children's safety and well being is of utmost importance
sp  *  25-Apr-2014
is the one in the middle
kj  *  25-Apr-2014
it does not matter who is wrong or right it is about the safety of the children......... contaminants are spread easy and they children comes into contact with other children so lets put the polotrices aside and think of the children
Local Gyul  *  25-Apr-2014
we gone back with the Basseterre High School Story........ I need to see the report for myself so i could analyse the information....
Smile  *  25-Apr-2014
I'm lost :(..................................................
NYC man  *  25-Apr-2014
I think Cariri and the female Doctor tell the truth .
MixUp  *  25-Apr-2014
Lolol....Once the noses starts to grow we will de one on de end....Hahaaaa
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