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In Time to Come- Part 2
Tuesday, 13 May, 2014
8 Recommends
Baby J  *  1-Jun-2014
Lol is all ah dem pregnant so? Lolzz!
MixUp  *  15-May-2014
G-Baby  *  15-May-2014
Rhyming Time  *  15-May-2014
@ Local Gyul. I may have walked right into that trap / I'll let you have this one, that's a wrap.
Rhyming Time  *  15-May-2014
@ G-Baby. I thought you had my back / But i realise you on de attack.
G-Baby  *  15-May-2014
LMAO hit him with it Local Gyul... Sorry Rhyming Time ur rhyming still gd but i thing u have some one on ur tale now lol
humble  *  14-May-2014
Local gyul- cool one love
Local Gyul  *  14-May-2014
@ RT....They’ll make a Monkey out a you, but none out a me / You have more jokes than Chris Rock who played Marty!
Rhyming Time  *  14-May-2014
@Local Gyul. That's a good one / Now, let's have some fun / In time to come and years afar / Those monkeys would be celebrating like the animals in the movie Madagascar / They'll be putting their bananas in the air / And waving it like they just don't care / Dem monkeys like to move it, move it / They like to move it.
Local Gyul  *  14-May-2014
You can never keep a smart woman down/ So in due time she’ll be wearing that crown! Look at all those babies and ask who’s got the clout? / He’s the one that’s drowning in child support! .. Don’t worry sistah a you run things / Let him keep thinking he’s the Monkey King!
Rhyming Time  *  14-May-2014
Has anyone notice that the dominant King monkey has his hand over the mouth of his queen? / That tells us that she is not allowed to speak and should only be seen / The male monkeys are Kings of the trees / And the female monkeys are just there to increase the size of their colonies.
Local Gyul  *  14-May-2014
@ humble. Okay Peace. Spell removed! ... as long as you promise no more Monkeying around with OPM (other people moniker) lol. Welcome to the club :)
lovely  *  14-May-2014
A true msj, after they leave de medical bills dead, until they come again n they pop up.
msj  *  14-May-2014
Baby kicking, hurry up and come to New York to have it, all a dem a do it. Then leaving without paying dead medical bills dem.
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-May-2014
They love to celebrate mother's day even though we know it is every day
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-May-2014
King of the Monkeys . This is really monkey business as they are actually multiplying fast around here . Anyway the Bible says be fruitful and multiply. They eating too many bananas
humble  *  14-May-2014
Local Gyul i would like to use this means and apologise for using your screen name, i did not mean any disrespect and it would never happen again
Local Gyul  *  14-May-2014
Well they already running things! lol.. All that MONKEY BUSINESS in Gowerment.. What you expect next?
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