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The embarrassment some men face trying to be in fashion
Wednesday, 14 May, 2014
6 Recommends
The Mighty Slick  *  7-Aug-2014
typical Jamaican.. style freaking gay .... :/
Baby J  *  1-Jun-2014
G-Baby  *  16-May-2014
Lol site rhyming time
Local Gyul  *  16-May-2014
Mmm! Guess he told you G-Baby / Cause I know that Rhyming Time aint being so fahwud wid me!
Rhyming Time  *  16-May-2014
Ain't every toon that's posted, I would comment / So when I'm absent, don't lament.
G-Baby  *  16-May-2014
Local Gyul  *  16-May-2014
LOL @ G-Baby... you're right. No Comment from Rhyming Time. lol... Maybe he pants too tight to pull de jokes dem out he pocket..LOL
G-Baby  *  16-May-2014
Local Gyul an SK Home Grown or u killing me this one wan Rhyming Time a wonder if he is one y he ain comment on this yah LOL
Local Gyul  *  15-May-2014
SK HomeGrown, You have me in pieces LOL... You mean like them Real HouseMess of ATL? Wha they call them.. Fashion Princess.. LOL... You too much! "Pencil Skirt" LOL
SK HomeGrown  *  15-May-2014
@Local Gyul i know of the Kilts, they wear them in scotland. but i dont mean those. i mean skirt skirt, like what women wear. Those pencil skirts and whatever else they name. Nowadays if i see two ppl walking in the distance i cant tell if its a man and a woman or two woman cuz the man want dress like the woman in them tight pants till they cant pull them up on the waist, or even go up a flight of stairs. But it aint only jean i saw a dude working in an office and turn on the shiny church pants into a skinny foot pants. if i was the manager i wouldve sent him home an tell him come back when he wear his size.
Local Gyul  *  15-May-2014
LOL @ @SKHomeGrown. They are called Kilts and yes men are already wearing them in some cultures, but Local Gyul don't want her Local Men running round in panty hose. I don't want no Robyn Hood in her Neck of the Wood!
SKHomeGrown  *  15-May-2014
Wow lol this is so funny. Its sad to see what is actually considered as style now in SK. Growing up ppl would tease u if u ever wore something so tight. I wonder if ppl remember what we use to call "gun mouth" pants, that seem to be the style now. But is some yall females talkin bout yall like man in tight pants and tight shirt and big shoes looking like circus clown. Just now man gonna start wearing skirt and call it a style and it gonna be accepted, just wait u see, some famous person gonna do it and its gonna reach right here in SK
Local Gyul  *  15-May-2014
@ G-Baby. Ah not going repeat what you wrote, lol... but the part you write bout what happen after they take them to the TAILER..etc..etc.. That's exactly what goin happen if they don't stop wearing them tight pants! LOL.. not only smaller, but some a them NOT AT All... LOL
JEM  *  15-May-2014
I love you Local Gyul, you seems to be very intelligent,
G-Baby  *  15-May-2014
i'm backing u both... they c kartel an them other male singers wearing tight shirt an jeans they wan to be jus like them specially those school boys all up in d ladies stores buying off we clothes then we our self cant even fine nttn to wear caz d man them done buy them off an when they still not tight enuff they take them to a tailer to cum smaller.....fellers keep out the ladies store
true  *  15-May-2014
so so true i really like this the men need to keep out the ladies jean they are wearing them tighter than the ladies
Local Gyul  *  15-May-2014
You all can stay there and don't think that they haven't already relabeled the women clothing to accommodate them she-men! instead of size 8, 10 ,12...its 28/8 30/10...Very Confusing... I done find out Victoria's secret! She was once a Victor!!! You no see how these young men walking around exposing their boxers and things and tucking themselves and wearing spanx. Their unmentionables are prettier than
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