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A playground in the federation
Tuesday, 20 May, 2014
10 Recommends
Rhyming Time  *  22-May-2014
Lol @ G-Baby / You killing me.
Whine up  *  21-May-2014
Thanks much Ms. LG i appreciate the reply, it all seems interesting i wont tell no lie, would love to be apart of this toon family, rhyming, laughing and joking with glee, nice meeting you all, lets all have a ball, I'll try to keep up, with ma wine in my cup, so until next toon, i'll see you all soon....One love
Local Gyul  *  21-May-2014
They're not under no spell / Its all the jokes RT tell! He cant talk without a Rhyme / So RT is aka Rhyming Time. With a name like Whine up we expect you to bring it / Comment on the cartoons and make sure you click the liked it...The toonist will love you.. this is the happening spot / Say something funny and G-Baby will LOL a lot! Femme keeps us grounded while Mixup is often missing / but all in all they keep the site quite interesting. WELCOME.. to you to Charmz
Whine up  *  21-May-2014
Could someone please tell me whats going on up there, as you see Its ma first time here, How you all doing? would like to know whats happening, it seems like this country is under a spell, hope everyone here is doing well....
G-Baby  *  21-May-2014
LOL no LG a wont get mad i'll stay glad
Charmz  *  21-May-2014
Local Gyul  *  21-May-2014
G-Baby don't you be laughing so quick / Since yesterday RT have two bones to pick... He done wid me so is your turn next / Ah hope whatever he tell you don't make you vex!
G-Baby  *  21-May-2014
Local Gyul  *  21-May-2014
LMAOF... Okay Rt I had that coming / if payback is a B** you sure took off running. This Local Gyul is tall, shapely and fit / So if anything cause that hole..ah you big head do
Rhyming Time  *  21-May-2014
See you later Baby G / But let me tell you something about LG / School children say that it's not the eight earthquakes that caused the cracking of the ground / It was Local Gyul who was walking around.
Local Gyul  *  21-May-2014
If this playground is near an airport and it's still under construction as RT indicated, why then is it open to the public? or Why is the father taking his son to play at an unfinished playground? G-Baby you see how I could think when I'm fully awake? There's lots of why's in this one? Where are the caution tapes etc..etc..etc
G-Baby  *  21-May-2014
LOL i ment tomorrow's cartoon LG main going on/ in no dark side
Local Gyul  *  21-May-2014
G-Baby I don't know what other side you planning on being on. So I'm very apprehensive to say see you there.. If you talking about the dark side or the other side of that crater they showing.... LG not coming with you! I does pray as hard as I play so when you get to that other side you let me know who down there with you. Then maybe I will RSVP on that invitation!
G-Baby  *  21-May-2014
I don't know what play ground that is or nttn wha going on here so i'm out of this one....c u on d other side RT & LG
Rhyming Time  *  21-May-2014
An announcement was made stating that the playgrounds are under construction / It also stated that the installation of the equipment has not yet reach completion.
Femme Pouvoir  *  20-May-2014
Prevention is better than cure . Just be precautious as the life that you may save might just be your own or your child(ren)
Local Gyul  *  20-May-2014
Well if it's not finished yet and there "one likkle biddy" erosion.......A wonder how big de erosion goin be when the park is finished? Just as long as proper soil testing was done for density etc..etc......... People TALK and let them know we're watching. This is in the best interest of our kids! No hide your feelings under the Asstro Turf!
Smh  *  20-May-2014
Imagine the playground not even finished yet and because yall see one lil erosion ppl making big fuss about it. The Park is not done if it was then I could hear ppl talk until then Shut up!
MixUp  *  20-May-2014
Guess we all know what play ground that is....
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