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Will This Ever Happen?
Thursday, 22 May, 2014
6 Recommends
Facebook  *  26-May-2014
I find kittitians are so misled - dont they know even if the US issues an adivisory it does not issue it on Labour people u know it issues it on St Kitts and Nevis - People wise up is all of us gonna suffer not just labour. So stop help usa create trouble for us
clifford denzil is a sly old fox  *  23-May-2014
Let him grin and smile we will make him pay back all the money he misappropriated!
Rhyming Time  *  23-May-2014
Very serious news by the U.S Advisory / Let's pray that this will never happen to our country.
Local Gyul  *  23-May-2014
This has been very disturbing and embarrassing news. We are now under scrutiny by the US Advisory & financial industry. This will affect not just those buying the passports but us who have our navel string buried here!. I guess in years to come it wont be an issue cause nowadays all the new babies in SKB born a foreign anyway so.. lets see how this play out. A may have to change my name to Foreign Gyul!
G-Baby  *  23-May-2014
I'm lost in this one he jus had so much money in he hand that he didn't even know what to do wid it wha happen he done spend it all off aready tha he got to beg now? who is he acting out?
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-May-2014
Only God knows it may just well happen if they don't go down the right road.Let us not wish anything bad for our country at this time as it will all backfire on all of us
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