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Stop the Bullying....A ticking time bomb..
Friday, 23 May, 2014
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Rhyming Time  *  26-May-2014
Hi G-Baby / Yes, my weekend was lovely / WU and LG, i hope things will straighten out and all will be well / Only time will tell.
Local Gyul  *  26-May-2014
Hello everyone. Took a quick break to read toon center. This behavior will always hit a nerve with me. Lets make sure we pay attention to our kids reaction to going to school. Sometimes its all in their body language as they may be leary of telling you. Very emotional weekend for me when it comes to children. Having to learn how to let go and let them grow up!!!! G-Baby I have my own G-Baby now. He's all grown up. (Is there an I'm missing him already button on this keypad) Whine Up hope all goes well with your son. Our children are the only precious commodity we have in this world. Stay in tuned with them and treasure every moment... where or where did the years go!!!!!
Whine Up  *  26-May-2014
My weekend was gruesome had an emergency with my son, but good to know yall had a great one.
cavelle  *  26-May-2014
g-baby i had an ok weekend ... hope you had a good weekend
mother  *  26-May-2014
well put together. I do think the school need some serious counselor. our young people going astray. Why don't they leave people children alone and go learn they lesson
G-Baby  *  26-May-2014
Ohhhh yes!!! True facts talking sunshine
sunshine  *  26-May-2014
lord please dont let any of my kids be a victim other wise i will give up myself to authorities after am done especially if i dont get satisfaction from parents or who is suppose to be in authority. too much of this is happening, some parents put a blind eye and some teachers not paying attention
G-Baby  *  26-May-2014
And good morning to everyone hope u all had a lovely weekend / Hope LG an RT ain went round banging nobody for d weekend
G-Baby  *  26-May-2014
There's alot of tha really going on in sk ppl showing they self feeling they bad an wan take advantage of d silent ones/ then gang starts to form up caz d one getting d licks gon fine some body to deal with d other boy for him
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