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Has this ever happened to you?
Wednesday, 28 May, 2014
17 Recommends
Bob  *  29-May-2014
To Editor of SKNVIBES: Please establish a Poetry Section for your readers!
Charmz  *  29-May-2014
HEHEHEHEHE happens! seen it! ain even come close but they Putting down numbers. very sad..
Local Gyul  *  29-May-2014
Speak for yourself GB a don't need no invitation / Cause Local Gyul is the original queen of lyrical Nation! ...Remember RT said a wuz blessed wid a good mouth / So they all have to take lessons from the belle of the South! You sure wake up quite late this morning / wha happen natures meds couldn't get you going? LOL
G-Baby  *  29-May-2014
@ Bob dont u realize LG needs an invitation as well plz give it to her lol
Local Gyul  *  29-May-2014
@ Bob....A poetry corner for RT and Whine Up / Or just a Time Out corner for when they act up! You really want the two a dem to go at it / With a poetry contest from their lyrical wit . You think SKN vibes is ready for this drama / For now leave de two a dem right here in this Toon Center Corner!
Rhyming Time  *  29-May-2014
@ Bob. That's a great idea, a great suggestion / Hopefully SKNVibes is watching and would take your recommendation / A poetry section would sure foster creativity / And may increase the web traffic activity / The introduction of a poetry section / would be a win-win situation.
pnaydo  *  29-May-2014
lol mr. Toon stop watching me when i'm reading meters. it's not my fault if sometimes people gates are locked or dogs prevent me from going closer. lmao
Bob  *  28-May-2014
@Rhyming Time: Ever thought of submitting your poems to SKNVIBES and encourage them to establish a "Poetry Section."?
Bob  *  28-May-2014
Ever thought of submitting your poems to SKNVIBES and encourage them to establish a "Poetry Section"?
Rhyming Time  *  28-May-2014
That's right, they look, squint and guess / Is it a 7? No. Is it an 8? No. Is it a 9? Yes / Every month when they send the outrageous bills / They cause epileptic shock and chills / Reading each and every meter might be too time consuming / And there is not enough man power i'm assuming / So they play a game of estimation / A system implemented called guesstimation / But i know what i'll do, i'll put a tint / So it's harder for them to see 20ft away even if they squint / (Disclaimer: Everything that i said before, please dismiss / At home, do not try this).
Femme Pouvoir  *  28-May-2014
Well I believe this is what do happen and beside that they in the office do do their thing too. dont trust dem cahiers either
Whine Up  *  28-May-2014
sorry LG me like me like
fed up of skelec  *  28-May-2014
u are no telling any lies about this cartoon, skelec dont estimate the bills and dont read the meters properly, the bills are so high and ridiculous poor people like us dont know how that amount was calculated, the bosses in that building are encouraging it as well...getting their big salary every month while the staff get hard work and no appreciation, not even a thanks...i wouldnt blame the readers much, its what they are told inside there by the boss
Local Gyul  *  28-May-2014
Then again Toonman why that man wearing an Argyle Sweater? Yes in the miggle a hot Sun Kitts! Maybe he have his AC running cold cold. That's why he bill high!
Shame on them....  *  28-May-2014
They say they does estimate my bill every month because the meter personnel have complaints about the area I live..... what a bunch of jokers
On Point  *  28-May-2014
That's EXACTLY what happens. Dam u SKELEC meter readers!!!
Local Gyul  *  28-May-2014
@ Whine Up. The "Like" button is not an electric meter! You forgot to Wind it up!. You have to like the man drawings.., but anyway. That's exactly what dem Meter Maids and Meter Butlers (is that a title?) does do! Look, squint and Guess!
Whine Up  *  28-May-2014
Hmmmmmmm....Uhhhhhhhhh...So this is how it happens....Ok
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