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Is This Why We Seek Overseas Treatment?
Monday, 2 June, 2014
6 Recommends
Thinking  *  10-Jun-2014
@ Bob* - while ur talking about Cuba. I knew a dr who came to sk working as a cleaner when I asked him why. He told me while he was a dr in Cuba he got paid $20 a month working in the the end $20 could only by one pair of shoes there. So you can imagine working a whole month and all u can afford to buy is one pair of shoes? I'm just saying that's know way to live as a doctor. Imagine others there! He couldnt feed his children. But back to the issue yes health coverage/insurance should be a RIGHT here. Anything can happen and everyone should have the right to health care. Too many ppl working and can't even afford to pay to see a doctor. Hard working ppl shouldn't have to choose between eating or seeing a doctor.
Bob  *  5-Jun-2014
And they call Fidel Castro a demon--when medical care is free and a RIGHT in Cuba. Viva Cuba, Fidel and Raul. Private doctors only care about money, not their patients.
cavelle  *  3-Jun-2014
LG and RT you are so correct, insurance only want to see you when they want you business but as soon as you get the approval vam they gone.......... I pray that nothing serious happen that i have to need medical care overseas
Local Gyul  *  3-Jun-2014
You nailed it RT. If you don't have insurance Dawg better than you. I know people who tell me they work just to have medical insurance, cause they paycheck don't cover much more for anything else. The insurance and healthcare system is two a de biggest rip off systems. They quick to tek your money and quick to drop you when they don't want to reimburse you for anything!
Rhyming Time  *  3-Jun-2014
I love this toon family / And all its variety / My concern is about those persons who don't have insurance and regret it / When something happens to them, the doctor ain't gone touch them, just forget it / The doctor can save their life in that moment / But because they don't have insurance, they ain't getting any treatment.
G-Baby  *  3-Jun-2014
cavelle  *  3-Jun-2014
LG thanks for translating for me...... i hope that everybody is having a wonderful day....... G-Baby dont worry thanks to Google translate you could speak any language
Local Gyul  *  3-Jun-2014
@G-Baby.. You stay dey and laugh! You goin have to borrow de Chinese one, De Arabic one and de Jamaican translator too cause is nuff competition we have dung ya now, LG Ready though!! LOL, but back to de healthcare. Any place you an influx of foreign immigrants, you will have a strain on the quality of healthcare so the government needs to be prepared if we are going to say ALL IS WELCOME.
G-Baby  *  3-Jun-2014
LOL U ain here look like just me u an LG is d only english ones here but LG got she translator calculator unuh so u better watch it lol
Rhyming Time  *  3-Jun-2014
Femme Pouvoir are french words so Bond007 replied in french but now Cavelle replying in Spanish / Well this toon family well outlandish.
G-Baby  *  3-Jun-2014
LMOFF @ Local Gyul a beg u no try kill me yet / d wukers in d office maybe wondering if main got nttn to do
Local Gyul  *  3-Jun-2014
@G-Baby......This is what cavelle said...............It is so difficult to see that we have healthcare here, but we still have to pay to go abroad for medical care!!!!!!!!! G-Baby. Ah goin ley you borrow me Spanish translator calculator.... G-Baby gyul a have one home, cause when me husband come home a have to spice it a goin ley you borrow de translator calculator! LOL
G-Baby  *  3-Jun-2014
cavelle  *  3-Jun-2014
Femme Pouvoir es tan difícil ver que tenemos cuidado de la salud aquí, pero todavía tenemos que pagar para ir al extranjero para recibir atención médica
cavelle  *  3-Jun-2014
this is so true so much time we go hospital there is no kind of help or assistance but we have to give thanks cause they charge to use the hospital in other countries
Local Gyul  *  3-Jun-2014
@ G-Baby...Variety is the spice of life. BIEN!! So..Me and you can slap on some horse weaves, put in some color contacts and start our own Spice Girls and we have to learn to say ...okay papi! (seductively) lol
G-Baby  *  3-Jun-2014
To me d toon family turn spanish
Bond007  *  3-Jun-2014
@Rhyming time: well said and we have to do something about it. @Femme Pouvoir: Tu as bien dit, les medecins doivent rester a la clinique et laissent la politique aux politiciens...
Rhyming Time  *  2-Jun-2014
Even if the doctors stay in the medical field / Would that produce any extraordinary yield? / For people not to be flown out, the doctors would have to have some sort of specialty / On top of that, our country would have to acquire the appropriate facility / Too often, people can't afford to pay for their overseas treatment /And requesting monies from the public is becoming frequent / This issue is important much / So thumbs up to the cartoonist for displaying such.
Whineup  *  2-Jun-2014
Lol @ Local Gyul I CARE
skb  *  2-Jun-2014
hospital is there with no doctors
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Jun-2014
Local Gyul it is all about the politicare not healthcare. Who dem be -Vance, Drew and Dr Who? C'est la vie just for money
Local Gyul  *  2-Jun-2014
YES!! In the States they introduce ObamaCare & Dung ya they introduce........Nobody-Care! Polititrickians No Care, Doctors No Care...........Nobody-Care!
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