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Hairdresser or Barber
Thursday, 5 June, 2014
14 Recommends
cavelle  *  6-Jun-2014
Whineup oh yea thanks i get it
G-Baby  *  6-Jun-2014
LOL a lord RT how u cud do d woman so bad? u no nice at all but tha jus gd fu her u wan tell me she got such long hair an she cant feel him cutting coming up a wha she was doing so sleeping?
Local Gyul  *  5-Jun-2014
Erykah Badu , TLC Chili and Halle Berry... LOL She look like all three. Good one RT..........GoodNight
Local Gyul  *  5-Jun-2014
LOL @ RT... Nice! LOL you nailed it! LOL
Rhyming Time  *  5-Jun-2014
Sometimes, i try to stay out but LG pulls me in / This time she claiming that im the guy because he rhyming / But go head, make you jokes, laugh it up / LG, the others and Whine Up. The guy is not a hairdresser, not a barber but an assistant to the celebraties / There to cater for special events, oscars and grammies / Who de customer be? Erykah Badu or TLC Chilli? /The guy means well, he'll have you walking out looking like Halle Berry.
Whineup  *  5-Jun-2014
Cavelle he rhyming in frame 1...lolol...dats why LG say is RT
Local Gyul  *  5-Jun-2014
You no see how the hairdresser (whatever he is) rhyming like Rhyming Time bout appointment and moment? What RT know bout cutting hair? RT is a linguistic artist / not a hair stylist!
cavelle  *  5-Jun-2014
me no get it help me out local gyul
Local Gyul  *  5-Jun-2014
Oh lawrrrd I just figure out the name of the barber. The clue is in frame 1.....It's Rhyming Time... Read frame 1 and you see. LOL
Local Gyul  *  5-Jun-2014
Toonman he's neither a hairdresser or a barber. He's Edward Scissorhands!.........De woman come een looking cute in she turban / Now she goin straight home to drink a bottle of bourbon!
cavelle  *  5-Jun-2014
see what i mean Whineup* she head aint no good maybe she was pon she phone so she head was down
Whineup  *  5-Jun-2014
No Femme is because she has so much hair he wanted to cut cut cut...but i have one q, was her eyes close all this while? is she not infront of a mirra? did she not hear all this chop chop chop? Oh wait i got carried away i only had one q.....
Femme Pouvoir  *  5-Jun-2014
He is a wicked person . so anyone come into your salon you will only have the urge to cut,cut, cut even a bald head one.
Local Gyul  *  5-Jun-2014
A she fault! De man look like a Peeakock on Fire and you goin siddung and let him cut your hair? She could buy another one!
cavelle  *  5-Jun-2014
look at how i would a kill day hair dresses strupz...... lol but the joke pon she, she no realise de man a cut, cut, cut she lucky
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