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Should have put a ring on it
Friday, 6 June, 2014
11 Recommends
love  *  10-Jun-2014
sugarapple I do agree about GOD also the contribution the focus should be on keeping each other happy and how not to be selfish now that the two are one flesh don't focus on material things that's how problems start live a simple life building a house is not that important if they want kids it ok as long as they can afford them with time and luv they are gift from god say I love you every day and never go to bed angry at each other fix the problem say you are sorry compliment each other even if you are mad at him cook his food wash his clothes let him sleep in the bed
love  *  10-Jun-2014
I agree with jem so when we fall in luv with someone we see our future with that person which include marriage would a girl be dating someone if they don't want a future with that person and men knows that so if they dont want to be married they should say it early in the relationship
Local Gyul  *  10-Jun-2014
RT..You have my number you know it just fine / Its 10 of the digits in your last two Rhymes. I'm neither asleep or in a slumber / Just use your imagination and figure out the number! lol.
Rhyming Time  *  10-Jun-2014
@ Local Gyul. Been a while since we have heard from G-Baby / I wonder wey she be / LG, come like you a sleep or slumber / For how can i call you if i don't know your number.
Local Gyul  *  10-Jun-2014
Well today he gets a 2 for slackness / cause a tekking off tomorrow and a goin be computer less. So now a have to wait until Thursday / To get my toon fix and see what G-Baby and RT say. Well RT call me later if he bring out a new toon / Other than that a packing to leave soon. A going check one more time before a head out / Just remember if he post one to give me a shout.. lol
Rhyming Time  *  10-Jun-2014
One, two, three / Where is he? / Four, five, six / I need my toon fix / seven, eight, nine / After he post, i would feel fine.
Rhyming Time  *  10-Jun-2014
If i knew Mr. Toonman then i mighta coulda assist / But i don't, so all i coulda woulda do is insist / After that long weekend, he should know that his fans have a toon deficiency / So we need a dose immediately / Let's hope he'll remedy our syndrome with a cartoon injection / In about five, four, three, two, one.
Local Gyul  *  10-Jun-2014
Hey RT it's 2:28 / and a getting tired a de wait. Where is the toon you promise me / Don't you realize A leave bout 4:30. A don't want to wait another day / for this toonman to bring a toon my way. Can you use your influence and talk to someone / Can you call up SKN Vibes and speak to the Toon Man?
JEM  *  10-Jun-2014
She has every right to leave him. If you can live with men for so much years why not put a ring on it. You will never know all of a persons ways regardless how long u live with them. There will always be problems in a relationship married or single, its up to you to work on your relationship and make it work
Local Gyul  *  10-Jun-2014
Thanks RT no holiday for me.. Working hard as To you sugarapple.......What kinda sourgrapes salary you coming with. $2800.00 per month? For which one the months you can live off that? Do you know how much a pair of Prada or Louboutin shoes cost... While I agree with everything else you said that sugarapple salary is getting stuck in my throat! People should wait until you both agree on the right timing.
sugarapple  *  10-Jun-2014
The institution of marriage was odained by God, before one decides to enter into marriage, certain things must first be in place, both persons must be working in a job that pays a decent salary at least $2800.00 per month, so that both can contribute equally in the marriage. God must be the center of both your lives and children should be the last things you add to your marriage, building a house should also be a thing you both focus on and loving each other. if there is any doubt in the relationship concerning what you both need then wait until this doubt is settled before you enter in the marriage. So if the man is not ready as he said in the cartoon, then find out why and work it out....
Rhyming Time  *  9-Jun-2014
@Local Gyul. Just like you, i like my daily dose / So everday, i wait for Mr. Toonman to post / But today is a Holiday / So Mr. Toonman is off today / But don't dismay / Tomorrow he'll bring a cartoon your way.
Rhyming Time  *  9-Jun-2014
If he's not ready then he's just not ready / But i hope he don't think that she is going to wait for eternity / Maybe they can work on getting ready together / Or move on or risk being alone forever.
LOVE  *  9-Jun-2014
I think three year is more than enough to wait for someone if they really luv you then they should put a ring on it because we shack up with them and give them the honey that's why they want to wait three years and more to make a commitment sometimes never
Local Gyul  *  9-Jun-2014
Mr. Toonman is 3:09 and I'm leaving soon /Where is my Monday afternoon cartoon? Are you on vacation, did you go away / I expect my cartoon dose everyday . You can draw on the move, you can color on the go / I miss my cartoon and had to let you know! I keep watching the clock and watching the time / I need to hear G-Baby laugh and crack jokes at Rhyming Time!
Local Gyul  *  6-Jun-2014
@ Cavelle. He at a bar drinking.. Maybe he did say marrien-d after a few .... I dont even know what to say about this toon. You really need to take time to get to know people and even after you marry them you still dont know them so three years may not be enough. If he's not ready then she sure dont want him because he would still want to be hanging with the boys. So dont force nobody hand you hear sistah. Find yourself a real man and leave that boy with his toy! He aint ready!! Let his mama finish raising him or you will have to! Me garn sleep. too much wine tonight (not your kind a wine Whineup). I going sleep nice tonight.. Peace!
Whineup  *  6-Jun-2014
Just serve him right
cavelle  *  6-Jun-2014
i think you was trying to spell married and not marriend.... After that i would a try beg back
Bond007  *  6-Jun-2014
Tha't a problem I have they want everythin for free but when it comes to commitment they are not ready. c'est vraiment triste!!!
f  *  6-Jun-2014
Because him already getting the ting he does want to put on the ring. Some of these men like too much free milk and then want their best friends to sympathise with them. Well it is home alone for you.good bye WINK
Purple Lover  *  6-Jun-2014
Where is the third comment & it's At least! (two words) since you like to edit so much! (You Mixing UP stuff) (wink wink).. Now you can delete this comment too! lol
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