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Is Enough Being Put Into Local Cricket?
Tuesday, 10 June, 2014
7 Recommends
choosen one  *  13-Jun-2014
screw cricket i want money.
Rhyming Time  *  12-Jun-2014
@Cricketer. Yes, more attention should be placed on local cricket these days / Just like it was in the good old days.
Local Gyul  *  12-Jun-2014
The young cricketers should get together and formulate a plan / maybe boycott the CPL games until the politicians tek care a de local man!!!Show dem that charity begins at home / cause who going entertain dem when dem foreigners gone
Cricketer  *  12-Jun-2014
he left his gear because they dont support local cricket down here/ but they quick to prepare pitches when people come from anywhere/ i dont understand how the young cricketers arent a part of their plan/ they only provide for the foreign people who deal a bigger hand.
Local Gyul  *  12-Jun-2014
RT What's wrong with that Dude / why he displaying such bad attitude. Why would he leave his gear behind / how he expect to win with a losers mind? When life gives you lemons you make lemonade / Don't he know out of adversity is how stars are made? he need to pick up his gear and get back in the game / He need to beat those CPL players and put them to shame!
Rhyming Time  *  12-Jun-2014
@ LG. You asked for a refresher course, if it's one thing i know about cricket / Is that you don't leave behind your bat, ball, shin guard and wicket / Don't be like the guy on the right side of the toon frame / Take your gear with you when you going to play the game.
G-Baby  *  12-Jun-2014
tru that
Local Gyul  *  12-Jun-2014
Yes G-Baby he mek us wait 5 days for a new toon and den he come wid cricket! Cricket? Mr. toonman you have more of a female following! You have to please the ladies first. RT have to continuously step in and provide entertainment! LOL.. Yes give the men one here and one there, but not after you mek us wait all weekend and two days. (Okay LG Whoosah)
G-Baby  *  12-Jun-2014
sms wheres today cartoon? mr. toonman falling bk he jus have us here board
Local Gyul  *  12-Jun-2014
Hey G-Baby Cant remember a thing about cricket, but a do recognize good ba (NEVER MIND)! Wouldn't mind going to the games though. Maybe RT can give us a refresher course. I'm sure it's a nice social event. Anyway glad you're here.
G-Baby  *  12-Jun-2014
LOL i'm here LG jus don't know a thing bout cricket thats all
Local Gyul  *  11-Jun-2014
Amber alert going out on G-Baby, MixUp and Whine UP.. If anybody seen these Toonheads please let me know ASAP.
Local Gyul  *  11-Jun-2014
Hey RT. It dont mean a thing / If ah dont hear the phone ring! and furthermore more. I dont play cricket. Sounds a little cruel taking a big old bat to hit balls. Not LG. I aint in that.. leave the empty wickets / I'm Local Gyul not Lorraina Bobbit! Did G-Baby ever show up?
Rhyming Time  *  11-Jun-2014
@ Local Gyul. Ring, ring, ring, ring / LG, Mr. Toonman has posted a new cartoon thing / Oh yea, she said she would be out today / I wonder if it's cricket she gone go play.
Bob  *  11-Jun-2014
What happened to 10th of June, Mr. Toon Man?
Femme Pouvoir  *  11-Jun-2014
A true dat. It is all about international cricket and a few regional ones but local cricket gone out de door. Anyway there are some people who are still there working to maintain the good for local players
Cricketer  *  11-Jun-2014
This Couldnt be any more true. They neglect the local cricket but when international cricket or big money cricket comes around they run to fix up the pitches and field
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