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Don't bite off more than you can chew
Monday, 16 June, 2014
4 Recommends
cavelle  *  18-Jun-2014
for true oh my LG i gone step back den lol
Local Gyul  *  18-Jun-2014
Mine cavelle my name is LG not Dear Abby / So if you tek my advice you goin be in trouble wid somebody!...LOL!! Don't come running to me when $#1+ the the fan / Don't blame me fuss,,,,blame Whineup or the cartoon man!
cavelle  *  18-Jun-2014
Whineup i wish i had that option but i wonder hmmm maybe i need to take the advise that Local Gyul a give and come here to find one lol dis sweet me
Local Gyul  *  17-Jun-2014
Well a wonder if toonman was one a she date / cause he sure bringing out the next toon real late! Nite toonheads!
Whineup  *  17-Jun-2014
Lol @ Cavelle she is weighing her options and checking out all de men dem to see which one best suits her, member she is only dating eh, de Cartoonist aint say a thing bout anything else....lolol
Local Gyul  *  17-Jun-2014
She ought to just give up the dating ting and come on ToonCenter! lol.. WhineUp available, Femme Pouvoir available and definitely Bob! If Rhyming Time was here he wud a tell she.. Gyul put away that dating calendar and find you a man on cartoon center!
cavelle  *  17-Jun-2014
@ Local Gyul that is so true but main understand why she want to much man for she better give me one lol
Local Gyul  *  17-Jun-2014
@ Cavelle. A she confuse she self! Too many men too little time! She cant expect to kip it straight! lol.. Her anthem has to be..........."Its Raining Men"!!!
cavelle  *  17-Jun-2014
mr. toonnist i think the time is wrong because if she has to go out to 9pm and she home still what time she should be on the date for
cavelle  *  17-Jun-2014
@ Local Gyul that sweet me Solomon Grundy ............. Toonman lawd fix up the girl so she could play the part..... but if she should a be out with Dante how come she out with Carl?
explore  *  17-Jun-2014
lol lol lol watch a thing she aint even remember who she has a date with she got so many man she cant keep up she a forget names lol lol
Local Gyul  *  16-Jun-2014
We should set her up with Toonman himself!..Lol..The calendar outdated just like the outfit toonman dress her up in!
Femme Pouvoir  *  16-Jun-2014
She really outdated she is even forgetting the names of her dates. I believe she is actually looking someone who is old fashionable like her. See she asking all dem questions
Local Gyul  *  16-Jun-2014
LOL @ Whineup! She does look matronly! Toonman should name the guy in the bottom frame BOB!... Bob wouldn't have waited past 10 minutes! LOL! If she keep doing the speed dating she going end up like Solomon Grundy!
Whineup  *  16-Jun-2014
Well i wonder wa old time hair style that? she aint even stoosh and juggling man like she on a side show, anywayz as long as you single do yyou tin me gyul......Lolol
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