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Hit the road Jack
Tuesday, 17 June, 2014
5 Recommends
Whineup  *  18-Jun-2014
Lol...i was first here but i guess my comment didnot load....lolol @ Local Gyul
Local Gyul  *  18-Jun-2014
Some of these men does forget we are FEMALES not FREE-MALES and need to be treated like the ladies we are with the utmost respect! And toonman stop mekking cartoons of us shacking up wid these losers cause at de end of the day we are responsible for moving in with these people with no potential! and same go to our young men! (see a have one of each and ah teaching them not to settle) PERIOD! No No.. I done put too much work into the two I got! (You see why the Chinese does arrange weddings)!!!!
G-Baby  *  18-Jun-2014
Local Gyul  *  18-Jun-2014
I wouldn't be worried bout the money lasting one bit. My new job will be to make sure he don't go no place wid my money!. Every lawyer, news media, cartoon center would know my name...HERE COMES LOCAL GUYL! he wasn't go no where wid MY lotto ticket! Even if a have to get off toon center to stalk he tail! Ah wud be his new Jumbee! .. Mm mm! no saree Bob or Jack or whatever he name be.... He wasn't leaving my my 10 mill! He only entitle to bus fare! LOL
G-Baby  *  18-Jun-2014
that's them ungrateful scrub's u feed them, clean them an treat them an when they do make it or get on they foot they don't remember u an all u did for them but dont worry me gyul d money ain gon last then u will have the last laugh caz he won't be weighing u down no more
DD  *  17-Jun-2014
He will soon waste it all off since he is not accustom to having money and like a dcg with his tail between his legs he run back to his master
Femme Pouvoir  *  17-Jun-2014
Or maybe he only saying so as he wanted to leave a long time ago because of the nagging and she no giving him de ting before de ring
Femme Pouvoir  *  17-Jun-2014
You so right Local Gyul where he got money from to buy Lotto ticket and clothing etc, Sue him yes and anyway a fool and his money will soon depart. You gonna see how quick he remember home sweet home like the prodical son
Local Gyul  *  17-Jun-2014
Well first of all he wasn't goin leave in my shirt and then a would sue the pants off him too! He wasn't wukking no place to get money to buy lotto ticket, So is she money he was gambling with!. So like Eddie Murphy say 1/2 belong to she (no forget that 3/4 belong to she)! He very fahwud! Don't worry sistah Ah have a good lawyer you can hire! bout Hasta La Vista. He better Hand over my Visa and Discover he still going be broke!....ole Scrub!
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