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Where Are The Local Dishes?
Wednesday, 18 June, 2014
7 Recommends
DOA  *  20-Jun-2014
Dont worry Eat Local Day coming up Friday June 27th
Local Gyul  *  19-Jun-2014
@ sha..and that's why our young women (men too) are walking around unhealthy and looking like the Michelin or the Dunlop tire man! They belly Dun Lopp over they waist cause of all the junk food they eating! Their new coca cola bottle shape resembles a 2 litre bottle because they not eating the way they were brought up. God gave us healthy natural local food and we keep running behind the junk fast food!
sha  *  19-Jun-2014
Pizza and chicken - that's SK new national dish. Look at the ppl in Domino's and KFC every day. This cartoon is on point! You can find a hamburger at every restaurant but not goat water, mauby, ginger beer, saltfish, cornmeal etc. Even tourists got to hunt down the local foods. It's a shame!
Local Gyul  *  19-Jun-2014
Mr. Toonman. we not missing the point of your cartoon. We just having a little fun, so a guess your point is either the local cuisines establishments are closing too early or they not catering to the local man. We get it, but in frame one we can take it as ...Since the local food is so good..they usually run out fast...either that they not cooking enough of it!. At the end of the day Local food is not hard to get.. People are just not supporting their local vendors, so they have to cater to who going make those registers go Chi Ching!
Local Gyul  *  19-Jun-2014
You should see he hungry face this morning, looking een me plate a food! Look peeps ley me go eat all this saltfish and johnny cake by meself this morning you hear. He could stop dey! He can go lang dung de street see if he could find some grits and bacon! lol
G-Baby  *  19-Jun-2014
Whineup  *  19-Jun-2014
Lolol and he look so pitiful wid all de money you got no woman aint want you so you cant get a decent home cook local meal....lolol use de money and get your own personal chef....oh wait dey all de money done..... I know Local Gyul aint sorry for you
Local Gyul  *  18-Jun-2014
Since when local food hard to find? Breadfruit tree, green banana, dasheen in every yard and sprat in de sea! and if he like G-Baby and like double dessert you can pick a soursop and guava. Struupes. a sympathy he looking indeed, but he better ge me back (oh wait not he better ge back the lotto ticket! lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Jun-2014
He only said so to make de woman sorry for him and take him back in or more so he run out of money , tired of eating fast food and now need to eat pot food to make him look good.
cavelle  *  18-Jun-2014
whineup and Local Gyul i so agree if he de stay a he yard he would a look better..... for someone who just won the lottery he looks brokes ha dis sweet me
Whineup  *  18-Jun-2014
Lolol Local Gyul he need to go put on a pot bout local food hard to find
Local Gyul  *  18-Jun-2014
No local food not hard to get, but if you had tap a you yard and no run way wid de woman lotto ticket (cause you look like the same dude) you belly would a been full all now, You would have been fed properly by your Local Gyul! Now go sleep hungry! Good Night! lol!
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