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A woman's handbag
Thursday, 19 June, 2014
12 Recommends
cartoonfreak  *  14-Jul-2014
cartoonfreak  *  14-Jul-2014
cartoonfreak  *  1-Jul-2014
this girl saying help so much she cant push a friadge
Whineup  *  20-Jun-2014
Lolol....I done wid de wuking up tin long time, LG i only on de whining side
Local Gyul  *  20-Jun-2014
Well excuusse to the me! With a name like Whineup a shuld a know better. This Whineup gyul is all about her business of Whining UP. She nar carry no big barrel bag. She just want her credit card and lip gloss!. WhineUP all about her clubbing business. Gyul you good. Go lang wid you bad self! A guess a big bag would hold you back from doing all you wukking up.......sorry a mean Whining Up... LOL..But come to think bout it me never see them whining up gyuls wid no big bag..lawrd Whineup..LOL
Whineup  *  20-Jun-2014 mix me LG, have to be i aint no woman den cause i dont even carry makeup in my purse, half the time i dont hv a purse, you'll be even lucky if you find money it....lolol, most you will find is credit cards and a lip gloss that belongs to my daughter....lololol
DD  *  20-Jun-2014
Its a woman thing, like the others said guilty, guilty guilty. I make sure I check and check and recheck and double check to make sure I have all my comb, makeup and everything I need plus extras
Local Gyul  *  20-Jun-2014
Everyone a are you guilty! Whineup, sha, G-Baby, explore, Gaza Slim! None are exempt from this toon. lol. One time a walking thru de square and find me cordless house phone in me bag! look a just play it off and act like it was an old cell phone from the 90's lol Everyone a are you bag ready to play "Lets Make A Deal" lol
Explore  *  20-Jun-2014
@Gaza Slim you should be d least to talk cause every Friday is d whole house you want carry to work with you lolololol.
Gaza Slim  *  20-Jun-2014
@explore this reminds so much of u lmao
explore  *  20-Jun-2014
lololol this is so true a woman's handbag always has in all kind of stuff is like we want to walk with every thing in the house
G-Baby  *  20-Jun-2014
Local Gyul  *  20-Jun-2014
@ G-Baby. That wasn't my bag! a pick up de wrong bag. It's belong to that scrub who a had to throw out. A mek sure a kip the lotto ticket tho! G-Baby gyul he had makeup and all them tings in dey. No wonder he thought he was more woman than me!! and can't even cook! Me real bag only half that size.. My MK's not that big. That dey bag a Mary Poppins bag!
G-Baby  *  20-Jun-2014
LMAO hey LG wha u doing wid u bed in u bag u going to camp out somewhere nuh? lord u dig d woman grave an she didn't even know it try pack bk u bag fast lol.....@ Sha a think this is my first time hearing from u welcome to the toonhead family
Local Gyul  *  19-Jun-2014
sha some a these men nowadays carrying around purse too! but they want to call them Murse (for man purse)! They carrying around they, wallet, keys, blue pills, lubricants, ipad, iphone, makeup. Some of these Metrosexual males have bigger purse (oh my bad I mean MURSE) than us!
sha  *  19-Jun-2014
lol. True again! All kinda tings In my purse now as I speak (type), lol.
Local Gyul  *  19-Jun-2014
LOL BIG TIME... Okay Mr. Toonist you win!... Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, but you know there is a saying in fashion that us ladies have to live by..."The bigger the As.. (rhymes with horse) the bigger the purse!.. So now you know we have to comply!
Whineup  *  19-Jun-2014
NO no no no man MR. Toonist, this is too much, A BED??? A CAR??? Even a live CAT???, you ain’t serious man, These things could only happen in cartoons, Ohh wait this is a cartoon, LMAO….
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