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Where's The Water?
Tuesday, 24 June, 2014
8 Recommends
shanita  *  6-Jul-2014
Lol, lmaf
Local Gyul  *  25-Jun-2014
Mrs Playa still waiting for water / She say you're only a wanna be playa! She said your package is a cracker jack surprise / cause you brag bout it and it only two inches in size. She say de mailman does have to help you out / cause you small little package is nothing for you to brag bout. A done wid you yesterday but you come back for more / you better go mess wid de man who running out you back door. only Anti-man cuss so much and you sound like one a dem / So no say nuttin else bout me cause you only causing mayhem!
Local Gyul  *  25-Jun-2014
LOL @ G-Baby....Gyul a nearly drink off all me Ciroc after It's a good ting a saved a few bottles! So between that and me "Skinny Girl Vodka" I'm straight!
G-Baby  *  25-Jun-2014
LG wa u gon use?
G-Baby  *  25-Jun-2014
Well there's a choice of she toilet tank water or she water from in she fridge if she really wanna bathe
val  *  25-Jun-2014
lolol wonder wa she do eh
Whineup  *  25-Jun-2014
Local Gyul  *  25-Jun-2014
She's having a bad day /nothing is going her way. She take a walk thru town / to get splashed by a clown. She think she could go home and take a nice shower / next thing you know they shut off water. I guess she's having her issues as such / what do I know ...them say me a talk too
Rhyming Time  *  24-Jun-2014
LG, where you at? / Let's chat / Bang off you mouth / Tell me what you think this toon is about / Is it really about water and her being hot and sticky? / Or is it about her just being unlucky / De driver got some nerve, bout she should watch where she is going / If i was she, the garbage i would be throwing.
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