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Where is Toonman?
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
8 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  8-Jul-2014
Thanks big fan. Big up to you too. Toonman blows us away daily with his awesome toons
Big Fan  *  2-Jul-2014
Hi, I love this toon...big ups to all the celebes. Mr. Toonman just like LG, RT,G-Bay,Whineup and FP I read and wait for the toons daily. I don't comment but I just couldn't let this one pass by. GREAT JOB. I love the way you guys play too. "Now go do some work" LOl
Smiles  *  27-Jun-2014
lololololo DWL...sweet me
MixUp  *  26-Jun-2014
My apology @ LG
Mr Music  *  26-Jun-2014
dis one tweeeet me...... whoooooiiiiieeeee.... big up toonman
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
@ MixUp.. So you are the one playing editor.. You had me blaming Toonman.. I responded to one of your post and you pulled it... Teach me a thing or two.. We talk later.. (smile) Where were you two days ago.. I need your services. LOL
MixUp  *  26-Jun-2014
In my defense any comment posted here which i dont like will be removed, and am good at it too
Rhyming Time  *  26-Jun-2014
Mr. Toonman, i was going to suggest that you do a toon about your fans / But i now know that you already had that in your plans.
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
Whineup. We are very hard working people! Nobody a call een sick. We work 9 -5 (well kinda sorta lol) and we keep Toonman very well employed. So we good for the economy! We know we are Toonheads, and we luv it. back in the day Readers Digest made me laugh, Now it's ToonCenter, But a learn this week to continue to let my HATERS BE MY MOTIVATORS!..anyway, G-Baby gone go buy de Flit or Baygon!
Whineup  *  26-Jun-2014
I just back from lunch and was about to welcome our new commenters even if they only here one day until i saw Ms/Mr/Shehim HTC comment, atleast we got a job and wake every morning motivated so we can out food in our mouths, unlike you who hv nothing to do or say, you probably just beg someone to use their computer and come here chatting nonsense, why dont you crawl back from whence you came and take playa with you, La la la la la la laaa
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
G-Baby a know they don't keep me round here for decoration (even tho they can) Obviously we can MULTITASK! Great job Umpteen years employed and still going! So Awoah!.. G-Baby enjoy the show. a tekking vacation tomorrow. C U Monday! Wish a could come to the show wid you. Have Fun!
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
my wuk is always done an there to show an wid that im out ....enjoy the fest for who going today
HTC  *  26-Jun-2014
this is all they does for true. an when they done no work there to show.. shame on them.
Hunter Kev  *  26-Jun-2014
So True
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
@ Mixup... LOL... MixUp.. got a new theme song.." I'm too sexy for my seat, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my pic.. too sexy" Okay Sexy Mixup..... LOL.. The hairstyle toonman give me remind me of the toon where the girl mixing up she date... G-Baby hair look like the toon wid the guy wid crazy hair do and MixUp look like the toon where the barber went crazy.. We on to you Toonman... LOL
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
MixUp  *  26-Jun-2014
Lolol, LG stop mixeen Mixup is cause i never here often Toonman dont know how i look, but am the most prettiest too sexc for a
Whineup  *  26-Jun-2014
Nar man LG, i aint matching noone today i in a great mood going MF go wine up...lolol, but come to think of it, it does look like bush but hey i love it cause i aint got none, thats de new in tin...lolol
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
Thank you Observer. I allowed myself to slip, but I'm back on track. Toonman is doing a great job. I'm sending him virtual flowers of appreciation. Everyone sign the card. LG,
Observer  *  26-Jun-2014
Toonman, I congratulate you for honoring your ardent followers! I check the toons regularly and enjoy their lively interaction as much as I enjoy your work. Local Gyul don't stoop to Playa's level. It is very obvious that he is not in your class!
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
LG a gon check rams for u today caz a c d roachy wont leave u alone e keep cuming bk LMAO
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
G-Baby Gyul.. Whineup going me you match ,,lol .. But you see how Toonman no put no wuk on arby desk. He fahwud too! lol
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
G-baby gyul they still sell Flit or Troll-B Gone.? Next time you go Rams check for me! . Gyul a need to keep one handy. lol .. Like in me desk drawer! Oh and a wear me red earrings for Toonman today..LOL
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
LG u know bk in d days them king crowns use to make out a bush jus so whine up hair look LOL
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
LOL oh whine up is the lady my bad thought it was the whine up car lol an thanks LG i luv my hair as well its the while look LOL
G-Baby  *  26-Jun-2014
LMAOFFFFF lord this one yah killing me i only realize everybody name when d woman say i don't thing local gyul will like this, then i see whineup whining cross d room lol so i scroll bk up a c LG waiting patiently, RT getting frustarted, PF feeling bad for d others, mix up cant wait no longer an me just steering d computer for something to pop up wid me wha tha pacifier's? on d side LOL
Local Gyul  *  26-Jun-2014
Morning everybody. Okay Playa! I was trying to keep LOCO GYUL in hiding, but you win! She said hello! She said she have extra TP for all the bulldookie you talk! Have a nice day.. Okay back to Local Gyul... G-Baby I like your hairstyle. RT my man Smile for me.. Toonman we need to see MixUP picture. Have a good day peeps!
Whineup  *  26-Jun-2014
Lol...toonman i love my hair
Local Gyul  *  25-Jun-2014
and Toonman a does do the split screen thing! I aint that bold. lol, but it look like you does hear what's going on in me office?
Local Gyul  *  25-Jun-2014
Oh My lord. I carnt stop laughing! Toonman just one up us... LMAOFFF OMG. Look at Whineup toy..Lol... G-Baby got a rattle! Toonman you spying on us.. Nobobdy tell me bout de double vision computer.. How you know Toonman. lol... Good one
MixUp  *  25-Jun-2014
Femme the odthers waiting just like you, probably wondering the same thing, Lolol, a wonder where he send me.....O my, hope is Music Fest
Whineup  *  25-Jun-2014
We celebrity now....lolol
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Jun-2014
Toonsman that is just how you got us just waiting for the next set of cartoons to come out to make our comments to see what you have in store for us. Tell no lie Local Gyal,R,g Baby, wine up and the others
Whineup  *  25-Jun-2014
Wait dere, Wa me name doing in here, Lolol....i could swear is LG he on, well this one yah tweet me....So toonman put de joke on us....well well :)
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