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De Morning After
Friday, 27 June, 2014
13 Recommends
Facebook  *  1-Jul-2014
E like toonman got issue with the festival - whatever
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
You see you? Some Mother's son? Thank heavens I educate mine! A teach him to watch out for old broke a things he have to check.. They tree trunk lines (mek sure they not old, but look young) and mek sure they no have no adams apple even tho dem inna dress! and tek them to buffet first date to see if they so you nar catch
Whineup  *  30-Jun-2014
Lolol Whineup aint spend noone money but her own, no wait Whineup never spend her own money when she goes out, some mother son always do, in my defense though i was home all three nights......Nar wait went to watch Think like a man too Thursday night, was good was good
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
and a hope you didn't let WhineUp spen up all you money! LOL
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
Why do I have the feeling that Toonman went Music Fest and now fall asleep pan de job...LOL... A think he trying to tell us something here! Toonman wake up! This is not the morning after. It is TREE (three) days
EXPLORE  *  30-Jun-2014
G-Baby  *  30-Jun-2014
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
GB Gyul a have a feeling is de same pest, but e changing e name...a mean skin like one a dem chameleon! e only like to go after de uman dem a cuss sting dem...a mean cuss dem.. lol. A goin have to call up a Merica see if a could get some RAID!
G-Baby  *  30-Jun-2014
LOL a done flit out for u but e cum like d bop to weak or maybe they to strong caz they nar go more a cum LOL
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
You G-Baby dey you never bring de Flit and now a looking back a see all kinda roachy and termite in de "Boopsie" Cartoon! A not leaving you in charge again..LOL
G-Baby  *  30-Jun-2014
gyul telling u he gud fu true me c tha me can't stick around how me skin gon crow..... a wonder how he feel cleaning he nose an wiping he mouth... that's a bottle of hand sanitizer after for me lord he look to nasty
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
@RT LOL you're right about weekend @ Bernie's LOL
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
Hey G-Baby. The worker dey good, because if I see somebody drooling and blowing snot bubbles like that I would have moved my chair. I would prop him up wid a 10 foot stick, but my shades wasn't going on his face. No saree! Check the boss I see toonman mek Whineup De
Rhyming Time  *  30-Jun-2014
His posture reminds me of the guy from "weekend at bernies", the movie / How he a slouch and act so droopy.
G-Baby  *  30-Jun-2014
watch yah he nose a blow bubbles an mouth a run water an all (nasty) d boy even watching him like WHAT LOL
G-Baby  *  30-Jun-2014
More than no able they c ppl out late they wan b out like them to, like to b in a lot a things sum of them don't even have to wuk d nxt day or till in d afternoon an them wuking nxt morning but wan go out still.... watch him a wud a do it so much stupidness when he wake up he gon wan know why he skin a hurt him so lol
Whineup  *  27-Jun-2014
Looks like he owe he coworker big time, lolol, he shoulda let de boss lady ketch you, a who send you? you know you aint able
Mr Music  *  27-Jun-2014
lol... Fest got yall sleeping on de job man.
Bluff  *  27-Jun-2014
Sleep On My Boy!!!
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