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Get Your Priorities Right
Monday, 30 June, 2014
13 Recommends
shanita  *  6-Jul-2014
Local Gyul  *  2-Jul-2014
@ Caramel. Was she standing next to Toonman? LOL
Caramel  *  2-Jul-2014
I think I remember seeing a lady at music fes in this same outfit lol
Hot gyal  *  1-Jul-2014
Well sah> you forgot de hairstyle> Remey weave for $600 plus $150 to put it in so de bill gone up!
Local Gyul  *  1-Jul-2014
Lol @ Femme.. Well Femme you know dem glamour boys does be some wanna Be broke Playa's not knowing how the game is Played! Dey depositing all dey money in De scaryhairy bank and then coming begging other people for food!! lol
Whineup  *  1-Jul-2014
Morning Femme please for some breakfast if any left.. :)
Femme Pouvoir  *  30-Jun-2014
My dears the good old neighbors that went to evry show and cussin dat dey not old this monday mornin dem look older than mi grannie one don come ask for a tin a milk and de glamour boy next door done jump de fence and trying to break off mi door. Even the lanky guy down de road who gives all his money to de St Paul's girl nearly eat off all mi breakfast
Rhyming Time  *  30-Jun-2014
@LG. Lol / lol.
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
Lol @ Whineup. Well these ya mus be some NY roachie because "They Don't Die / They Multilply" LoL!
Whineup  *  30-Jun-2014
BG flitting out de place man LG but come like de roaches hiding from de flit or de flit in de store too long so e weak....lolol
Humble  *  30-Jun-2014
She's more than Selfish Local Gyul. $655 to got to music festival for ONE NIGHT?? She have the heart to tell her son that she doesn't have any money after spending that $655? Good thing is money for lunch he needed and not an operation. She would have tried to push him back up where he came from.....LOL
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
You're right Playedout! I've had mine for 24 years so I loaned him out to Mrs. Playa!!. see..I'm not selfish after all! I'm helping you out!........G-Baby WHERE IS THE FLIT!
sha  *  30-Jun-2014
mr toon u forget to add de hair do thats another 300 lol i can laugh now cause am not one of the brokes one
sha  *  30-Jun-2014
this is so true some girls like to spend is every style dem want to in an sometimes its not even looking good one dem before there dem save dem money amd look for dem kids and pay dem bills ,love this one
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
Whineup We cant have it one way and then complain. If it was the other way around with him going out (even to a bar) and leaving his home unattended we would have lambaste him. (you know I would)! She's in some kind of union so it's household funds she spending! she cant leave the child w/o lunch and say go to your father, Maybe he trust she's managing the household expense! who he goin send the child to if he don't have it? a going tell them call you!
Whineup  *  30-Jun-2014
Lolol GL no prob......But i dont think she was selfish cause is not her hand alone clapping she has help, if she did'nt have help but did this still well i will be all up on her, but one thing though i never spend that much money on material stuff, my whole outfit would have cost me $200 - $300 tops......If so much and very cheap...lolol
Bond007  *  30-Jun-2014
thanx toonman I really appreciate this one and I want to aknowledge local girl, she is always straight in her comments. I see that hapening too much around the federation the young ladies lost interests in family matters
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
and toonman is more than that she spend! She hair, nails, wey she purse? makeup and she Spanx.. them expensive too! and multiply that time three cause she no look like she miss not even one night!
Local Gyul  *  30-Jun-2014
Whineup she is flat out selfish! with a capital S! Family first! and he look like a big dun-dut (however you spell it) standing there watching her leave. I don't mind if she go out (cause I dress up and go out too) but kip your priorities straight. one more thing Whinup...can you PLA-EEZE stop using MF to describe Music Fest. Wey I come from that no what that mean! lol. You had me reading your post all
Whineup  *  30-Jun-2014
Well Mr. Humble she obviously can cook, she at the stove, sure she ain't there for style, so she can make make him lunch and besides he can eat the school lunch.
Whineup  *  30-Jun-2014
Lol, Mama went all out, maybe was her time to shine and that's what daddy is there for to straighten out her priorities, Some men go all out for MF also then cant pay they child support where is the emphasis on that, leave the woman let her shine, if there was not a daddy in the picture well then we could talk, daddy is her back up plan.....
Humble  *  30-Jun-2014
Well well! Her money is for music festival and not to help with her child. He didn't even ask for money for snacks, candy, or toy. He asked for money for to buy lunch which means, neither of them cooked for the kid. This is what society has come to, pleasure and fun over priority. Sorry for you kid!
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