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The Mosquitoes Are Listening Too!
Wednesday, 2 July, 2014
8 Recommends
G-Baby  *  3-Jul-2014
LOL aite LG enjoy for us all
Local Gyul  *  3-Jul-2014
Morning GB.. I read the article. A spray truck coming around once a month is not sufficient if there's an epidemic! Well G. a have to focus today cause a tekking vacay again.. LOL See you on the next Toon or Toonday... whoops I meant Tuesday.. lol
G-Baby  *  3-Jul-2014
Well LG it seems like "Content Manage" brought the RAID for u a hope e wuk on d roach
Is true  *  3-Jul-2014
I believe this is how the mosquitoes behave for real
Content Manager  *  3-Jul-2014
Good day Playa, this forum was provided for individuals to make constructive and intelligent comments as well friendly banter among those who post. However, it was observed that on more than three occasions you have been attacking a certain contributor by making unqualified generalisations that do not fit that person's character. You are therefore advised to desist from such practices or management will be forced to block you permanently.
Mr Music  *  2-Jul-2014
R U could come if R U bad... a made sure i bought my bug zapper after i realized what you guys were planning. If bop wont work shocking you to death will.
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Jul-2014
well dem mosquitoes look professional eh and they know where when how to attack their brains seems to be more powerful than humans
Local Gyul  *  2-Jul-2014
People just do what you need to do to protect yourself. Mosquitoes don't like the scent of Bounce Dryer Sheets, so keep one or two in your pocket. I have one over my computer for that MILITANT MIDGET MOSQUITO MONIKER even though he had a few decent ideas!
Whineup  *  2-Jul-2014
LG You aint hear they have it under control......lolol
Local Gyul  *  2-Jul-2014
You didn't have to describe your home to get your point across Castro. Or is that Asstro?
Local Gyul  *  2-Jul-2014
Whineup is not the mosquitoes that need ideas. Is the health officials and the other powers that be who look clueless. They are the ones who need ideas on being proactive and dealing with this thing!
Whineup  *  2-Jul-2014
Mr. Cartoonist i don't like this enuh, you giving these mosquitoes ideas....
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