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Hard Working Girls
Friday, 4 July, 2014
6 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  7-Jul-2014
'R/T a think it's our faithful artist there working so hard. See his pencil behind his ear and his crayons and markers on the keyboard. It's 3:45 big afternoon and he just putting out the new toon when LG packing up to go. Lol
Rhyming Time  *  7-Jul-2014
@WU. Weekend was good, everything irie / Havent forgotten, i tune in everyday and comment occasionally.
Whineup  *  7-Jul-2014
Morning All and welcome Back RT, good to see you have not forgotten us, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend
Rhyming Time  *  7-Jul-2014
I wonder if that's Mr. Toonman taking on all that workload / He looks like he really concentrating, he's in focus mode / He sketched all of us, his toon fan / i wonder if a second sketch is in his plan / And I wonder when he's going to show us who he be? / When is he going to show us the face behind the cartoon artistry?
Rhyming Time  *  7-Jul-2014
@ LG. I was going to say the same thing / Seems like it's G-Baby, judging by the earring / But then i saw the hair and said it can't be / Got to be someone else, maybe LG / Could it be FP? Cause women got that power / To have the men working hard hour after hour/ Could it be WU? Cause as the time whining down, she's whining up / Her body and the exit door in sync, they're lining up.
Whineup  *  6-Jul-2014
Local Gyul  *  5-Jul-2014
and toonman next time use a Raisin or Rose Berry Red Lip Gloss and no ghetto hairstyle. Ah not carrying water pan me head no more! lol
Local Gyul  *  5-Jul-2014
9:00 to 4:30 Mr. Toonman. Get it right.. LOL.. This should be titled the G-Girls Inc. Gbaby and mm mm (clearing my throat) somebody close to me. lol Keep enjoying your weekend peeps. lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Jul-2014
Boy I want a job just like this but my mind will stay idling with nothing to do but be the makeup artist in the office. While some work hard hard some do nothing at all . This happens all over.
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